A-Rod - Call to Arms [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A-Rod
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Trying to comprehend what's going on
Putting my thoughts in song
And I've been up too long but just too much is going wrong
And it's been on my mind
What happened to the time
Where everybody could get along and saw eye to eye
But then I realize, I'm just starting to observe
Only 16 but I've always been above the curve
Mama told me everybody gets what they deserve
Wanna tell me why no one seems to be concerned?
Even violence has found its way into a Church
Remain silent or you may be the next one hurt
Guns a blazing they run into another school
Fool us a million times but you know what, I guess it's cool
We'll just go back to normal and pretend it's all okay
Pray for those affected and hope that we see another day
What is gonna take for all of us to make a change
We see it happen yet we never do a single thing
God only helps those who help themselves
So stop sitting around waiting for something else
We've seen happen before and we'll see it happen again
It's time to make amends, lets put this all to an end

[Verse 2]
Is violence the answer now? I didn't get the memo
Shootings happen everywhere, I swear I hear it echo
Do they consider the bigger picture and pull the trigger
Or do they become consumed by the anger that lingered?
Is racism back? Has it been revived?
Look back and you will know that it never died
Many act based on what they visualize
Whether it be race or some other disguise
Hear me out I cuz ain't tryna generalize
I'm just saying they've taken a lot of black lives
Tell me what justifies those kind of hate crimes?
Tell me what justifies those kind of closed minds?
Is there an excuse? Because I know there isn't
The same people that hate call themselves Christians
And now there's people that take lives cuz they felt like killing
Not caring if they're a wife, husband, or children
Don't shoot the messenger man, I'm just spitting the truth
Have you accepted it or is it too ugly for you
You may able to run but you can't hide from it
No time to delay it's time to overcome it
For those listening, this is a call to arms
This world is full of evil, but all we need's a spark
I haven't lost hope, no I won't give up just yet
I still see good in people, you can tell them I said it
And no I won't regret it, I believe in the cause
Willing to fight for what's right, whatever the cost
But if a soldier's without an army the war is lost
Think you got what it takes, or are you too soft?
Do you have the strength? Do you have the smarts?
Do you have the courage and do you have the heart?
Do you have it all? Can you answer the call?
Or are gonna let it ring, continue to stall?
I ain't playing around anymore time is precious
Why plan to show remorse when we can end it?
I stand for a reform, don't be offended
This is my armor and my sword and it's authentic
It's a time to fight, the time has arrived
You know it's right, don't let another die
Throw up your lights if you're down to ride
The fire inside has been ignited alive
No it won't be easy, it'll get hard sometimes
There's always gonna be malice and absurdity
Just remember a friend loves at all times
And a brother is born for adversity

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