Captaincy - TrophyMan [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Captaincy
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Man of the Year]

I'm dropping ashes on my past again
I light up to bask in it
Look beneath the mask, tryna find a path to happiness
But that comes with an asterisk
Passionate debates tryna figure out where the passion went
When I actually I hate the fact
That I seem to have this off switch
Most rappers ain't honest
Authenticity slept on, it's wack
These niggas ain't on shit
When the bomb hit 'em
And the calm come, drumming on rhythm
And the ganja's what I chief
Under bright lights and palm trees
Better call me back and I mean that
Where the weed at, get a reaction
Battery pack in my back when I blast off
My mind's a hack saw
These dudes are wack but they act raw
And I rap well, my pants smell
My shit sicker than Bagwell
I feel like I can't fail
And yall under my damn spell
I popped two I can't stand still
Won't stop til I get my brand built
Captain of my life, watch me grab wheel
And chill
Rapping in the canopy
Rambling until my stands filled with fans
I got these plans in my pocket, I'ma build it from the ground
And lay the foundation down and make a sound that'll break the pavement
Won't stop 'til I say when
I'm a amazing now
Yall basic how
Hate me now



Young nigga with a mind on cash
And my eyes on your wife ass, bite me
High life and it don't got a price tag
What you gonna do when your hype past hyphy
Pass that, Pisces
Splash back, ash bowl
Yep, yep casual
Pipe dream, light green when the light red
Sunroof open when I'm driving with my pen
I been
On my own for so long
Trainwreck got me to gone
Gotta move on, make a new song
But I'm grown now
No slowing down
Mama more proud than O-Town when it's show time
So live, no foul, I'm a falcon
Fuck rap
When I bleed is my blood black
Malcolm in my DNA
FK my team can't cut Cap
Make it count like a jump jack
Collapse, never come back
I run laps around these bum ass rugrats
When the drum crash spit dumb gas
Tongue spazz
Lungs like guns in the lab
Drugs in the bag in the back of the trunk
Immaculate skunk, funk
Packing a punch
The Captain can crunch
Man these sluts go bananas and nuts
And that's what they want
Nothing can hamper the lust
They so scandalous
I handle it once and I handle it twice
Asking what happened to us
I'm tryna make Hannah Montana my wife for tonight
Or Alex Russo
Gotta move slow
Gotta play the cards right
Like Yugi, I could make the duo do me
Doobie rolled
Truth be told, super cold flow is gold
Lois Lane is still my hoe
And I ain't even Superman
But what you know?
'07 Tip
Wait until I'm hella rich
I said wait until I'm hella rich
Wait until I'm hella rich
Wait until I'm hella rich
Man I'm so hot she think I'm devilish

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