Illecism - I Got Grapes [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Illecism
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

For da boy

Who dat? Y'all remember him
Inderkum High; tall, dark, hella slim
Got noggin in the bathroom across from the gym
Now he uses Nick Toons to put you on to the N
North shit I be putting on to the end
I hawk spit, listeners get lost in my phlegm
Hate, and you may cause a grin
As I imagine you dicking off, two balls on your chin
Subs! Busting on you wipe it off
You don't like it? We can battle with a price involved
But mic fight don't go there, that's no fair
You busters know my flow rare as a Tyson loss
That's why I still got checks when my Nikes is off
Thought your style was generous but you ain't nice at all
My Vegas niggas say your soup, they don't like your broth
That said, you can't see me when the lights is on
I rise and shine, hop with my mans in the car
To burn a B as tall as Kareem Abdul Jabar
That's me and Banks, bought some bud you can't manage to spark
Some Cali Kush you couldn't cop with a cannabis card
Man I'm a star, vandal at large
Stealing your chick
Ask me to quit?
I'm still in your chick
No game either, see follow,turn on a beat
All I do is spit, she swallow
I go deep, so deep Ima need goggles
Tell her to stop the boppin
Freshness is not an option
I get a bundle, flip it
Make a trip I go and cop shit
See me I know what's poppin
So if your swag is dripping
Than meet the broken faucet
Drip drop, your shit drops, whackness
Everyone hates Chris Rock
Tighter than Illy? Bitch stop
Rock L.L, burn cool J's
The hottest rapper in swat
Took this to my manager
This is heat, what he said
Told my friend put this on repeat, he said
A stranger the beat made him wanna shake dreads
So many folks slapping me my cheeks should be red
Rapping is my gift, magic when I spit
So give me your helpless beat I'll make a classic out this shit
You see when Raz is in this bitch
They recognize if they can
Hair so long now broads asking if I'm mixed
I can't blame 'em
I feel like Goldilocks without the porridge
Y'all hibernating on me
I can't bare it, stop the snoring
In 2012 most rappers finna stop recording
I'm not of this world so the end of it's not important
So keep a mic on and make sure it's not distorted
They want it with me Ima see 'em all, Eye of Horus
The beat asking for a hook, but I ignore it
These niggas know I got grapes bruh, fuck the chorus
A seasoned vet, new flavor, and I'm McCormick
Home on the mic
You renting, I got the mortgage
I'm finna rain, your roof couldn't stop the pouring
Your fans stare mine go dumb when I'm performing
Did the backpack, hipster rap topics boring
I spit about shit that I feel is not as foreign
I am the greatest human being since Chucky Norris
Sag my gat, and how I tuck it like Delores
Finally making chips be stunting like my Dad
So even if she never hear me rap she like the swag
Ain't gotta do much, walk by she chews it up
Like she's trying to get the crumbs out the bottom of a bag, of lays
Hey, the chicks dig the poise
They high tech, turn on when they hear my voice
So turn my shit up, go ahead enjoy the noise
If you can't do it for self
Then do it for da boy, boy, boy X4
If you can't do it for self
Then do it for da boy, boy, boy X4
If you can't do it for self
Then do it for da boy

Tell me I ain't got gas nigga
Oasis man take me out

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