A. Jay - In my life [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A. Jay
Data wydania: 2014-02-05
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

All I really need in my life time
Is a life line, just to write rhymes
Spit them at the write time
It's the genius coming back to claim
My planet Venus
I'm a Libra and I mean this with all due respect Serena
Rappers, that are mad about the size of their penis
All you ni**as worried bout is where the f**k the weed is
F**k weed, my drug choice injected intravenous
I'm allergic to your fu**ery hold up I need a Kleenex
You don't ever want to see me angry
Like a child that has found his fathers sperm on his blankey
But quite frankly, he thought it was candy
So he ate it because he is too lazy to make pastries
My mind is demented
I think that I have dented half of the vehicles that I've never rented
And I'm inventive Ugh I've invented sentences
That are too complex for comprehension for you fu**ing eccentrics
My reign never ended
I'm under rated by the higher percentage
I'm ready to run in vendors, with menaces
Start plucking teeth like dentist un - til
They admit that I'm a legend
Yea fu**er I said it cuz I'm competitive
Oh no, they like he's done it again
But ya'll ni**as been asking where the fuck have I been
But Not around ya'll cuz you fu**ing pretend
And when they say I'm not playing yea I love when I win
Ugh pshhh I'm the same shit different animal
As I prove this other shit out is not flammable
And show these other rappers raps are not actual
I can't get on the radio because I'm radical
But nevertheless, I stay true ta
Me cuz I grew up a mother fu**ing screw up
And still do but I kill you with this mucus
She swallowing while I'm drinking too much
That's one girl two cups
They say I spit toxins
In the juice boxes of children
With caution
Because of what his mom did
Nevertheless these ni**as get angina
About these vaginas
So, hand him Nitroglycerin
Tell that Bitch to be nice to him
Buy him some fu**ing liquor its always good for tension
Oh I forgot to mention
I'm the fu**ing rawest
My rhymes are not garnished
You can love them or hate them
This is me I would give 2 fu**s If I made them
In a vacant parking lot
In a Mercy Lago
But Ya'll know I can't afford not to go HAM
If I want to make it to the top tho I'm hot tho
This is History in the making real history
Ain't no politician gonna change it
I'm back these ni**as so glad I am
And my bitches want to kick it like Jackie Chan
But these Rappers won't know what they got till its gon
But I don't know if I want to come back again
They say f**k rap money hello trap money
Black card no cap honey, I am that ni**a
On the track killa
Ni**a with a silencer
Friends will spend time with a
Ni**a spending money
But as soon as you run it up
You just another broke ni**a
And no body ever f**ks wit us
Ain't no cure and no escape and ain't no love for us
Here in the city
And if you come from the struggle then you can feel me
Cuz If you real you don't have to question whats real
Cuz its all that you are and its all that you is

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