Beast - Death line [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Beast
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Death line
[Verse one: beast]

Welcome to death line, now your life is mine
Prepare to die cause i bust out death rhymes
Rolling coast to coast, ain't no type of joke
I only got time to kill, no time to boast
Ripping off all your sinew, the killing streak will continue
The beast is hungry and you're next on my menu
R mix is rolling heavy, dark like black diesel
Rhymes so dangerous, you'll be thinking I'm evil
Hit you with the death sentence cause I'm the best
Mess around with me and your death is what's next
My name is beast and i walk down the street
Only rocking the beat that's hard as concrete
My rhyme is the rhythm. topped with black venom
That's the reason suckas be claiming that i be killing
I'm never on the run or caught without my gun
I'm about to hurt somebody so you'd better step back some
I'll knock you out, bust you in the mouth
That's why people claim that I'm raw from the inside out
Cold as a blizzard, that's why I'm on a mission
To kill everybody that i know that i be dissing
I'm a real rapper, no imitation or actor
Fuck around with me and watch what'll happen
Cause I'm the beast and it's my time
You know what's up, death line

[Verse two: Beast]

I crack down on suckas all over the world
Taking out mc's, getting all the girls
Full-scale destruction, I'm here to start disrupting
So get back cause you can't touch this
Never beaten by another, taking out all suckas
Rocking to the beat, killing all the motherfuckers
I eliminate rhymes that i disable
I'm gonna kill you and nobody will save ya
I rock the rhymes i use so prepare to meet your doom
Get out of my way before i blow a fuse
Don't even try me cause you ain't on my level
Once i start to rap, rappers start to sever
And if you do try me, beast'll go off
Beast'll get mad then beast'll get raw
So pump up the volume, rhythm with power
I'll cause an explosion then i'll devour
Cause the mic is what i rock non-stop
Nobody can stop me so don't even call the cops
Cause the mic is raw when i start to rap
The beast is ready to rhyme so get back
No more, no less cause death line is what's next
When people start to die, my rhymes start to effect
Cause I'm r mix and it's time to rhyme
You know what's up, death line

[Verse three: beast]

End of the line, it's time for death line
Mc's get scared cause they know they will die
Line of death is here, ending your career
I'm ready to kill so get ready to fear
I make mc's drop with one bullet of a gun
Got a gun fully loaded and ready to stun
You'll be dead in just a short amount of time
I'll bust you open with just one word of a rhyme
Worst-case scenario, rapping loud on your radio
Because i come hard just like a rhino
And now I'm back again, rapping like Rakim
As i keep rhyming, suckas start cracking
I bring the sound effects with the beast rap act
I kill em with gangsta rhymes and that's a well known fact
Rhyme rampage, rap warfare
This is a bank robbery so you better not dare stare
It might take a few times for you to learn
But as i bust out rhymes watch suckas burn
Rapping to the rhythm, death line is to kill
I'm a gangsta mc so you know i get ill
You're next in line to die in death line
I can kill nine suckas with a gun at one time
Main switch, suckas getting hit
Whenever i shoot a bullet at you, i'll never miss
I'm the beast alone, ready to rock the microphone
I'm the creator of death line and I'm always setting the tone

[Verse four: beast]

Rhymes with power, enough to break your body in half
I got a gun in my hand so don't make me mad
Or you'll get shot just like the rest of them
Cause I'm a murderer, not like other men
I'm the beast, commander of the military
I explode like a bomb, taking out all adversaries
I'm ready to fight at any time, busting out street rhymes
I'm so anxious to kill cause it's time for death line
You're first in line to die in death line
You won't survive and that's not a lie
Get ready for death,i'm putting you to the test
The end of your life could be what's next
Rapping like a devil, i reign forever
Whenever i start to rhyme, it makes you want to sever
I blast competition as if i was on a mission
Until death line is over, i won't stop killing
My name is razor and i break you in half
The rhymes that you spit just make me laugh
So just take a step back cause i spit real rhymes
I rap rhymes with a blast, enough to corrupt your mind
This is the death line, line of death
As i rock the microphone, God bless!

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