Bugzy Malone - Fire in the Booth [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bugzy Malone
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Verse 1:

Drove past my mums old house on Bury New Road
The one she got evicted from
Went to McDonalds
Ordered a cheese burger and chips on an addicted one
Then I heard "Can I get a picture"
Stood there and I took 15 pictures don
With 15 different kids
I was there on the phone but I left tongue twisted don
I know I paint pictures with words
But I didn't know I was the gifted one
And now they say I put Manny on the map
So I hash tag 0161
Drove back past my mums house
Looked through the window on a reministic one
Shouldn't have done that
Cus now I'm having flashbacks of the days when I had hectic fun
On Super Mario, Donkey Kong
And I was on my Nintendo all day long
I could hear loud shouting downstairs
Back and forth like ping pong
The gift came with a curse
Ever since 10 years old my heads been gone
Now I wanna climb to the top of the Empire State Building
Just like King Kong
Had problems with the DVLA so I was on the bus arriving late
But now the S-Line floats like a Butterfly
I'm feeling like Cassius Clay
But I'm not a heavy weight
The only thing heavy is the weight of the world on my shoulder
I used to be afraid of an older until I put 5 bullets in a revolver
I was cold then, now I'm colder
I was voice note lyrics you write in a folder
I'll build up your lyrics into a rizla
And blaze them like I was a stoner
If you see me and I'm sober
Thinkin, know that I'm an imploder
That means I hold it in but if I explode
I'll be like Vinegar and Baking Soda
I've got them thinkin 'is this guy from Manchester?'
The wordplays heavy just like Sylvester
And I'm takin over like I'm on a Vespa
And when I say I've got boxes of cheese
I'm not talkin about Red Leicester
And why do I laugh at MC's?
A king will always laugh at a Jester
A Porsche will always pass a Fiesta
You're lookin at Manchester's best
I'm from a place where nobody's impressed
And don't wanna see nobody progress
So they take shots at my ego
But I got a built in stab proof vest
I've been stabbed in the back so much
I feel like Jesus in the Passion of Christ
I was sat countin about 25 grand
I got delusional
The Queen started talkin
I was like "Queen, Why is everyone warin?"
She said "Politics are borin"
Cus its all propaganda
And comes down to the fact that money's more important
Than poverty and feeding the poor
The rich get rich, we get ignored
Middle class people
That have done everything that the Government told em
Struggle to pay bills
Cus when they go to the bank they say there accounts been frozen
So damn right I'm takin doors off hinges
I'm runnin in through the hallway
Holdin a big boy sword like a Viking
But I never been from Norway
Anybody comes at me
I stick it right in
Cus I don't do foreplay
I make a man bleed sick
So he looks like Tomato Puree
You're lookin at Bugzy Malone
Every video is apart of my story
And I was born back in 1990
So were on about episode 40
I say look when I'm spittin
Cus I spit bars in high definition
Its like watchin a wide screen television
And this one here's like 007
Cus I'm on a one man mission
To put my town on the map I'm reppin
But I'm worse than a Nuclear weapon
Cus I'll make your whole town go missin
I know when I've said suttin sick
When I see a man's head start tiltin
I'm like Wolverine from the X-Men
Cus the metal is built in
I've not set fire to the booth
I've set fire to the whole building
Charlie was gonna jump out the window
Cus the smoke in the room could've killed him
Drove past my mums old house on Bury New Road
The one I got evicted from
Drove straight past
Onto the motorway and straight into the distance don
Looked in the rear view mirror
Thinkin about the past
On a majestic one
Cus if I didn't go through what I went through
Then I probably wouldn't have wrote this song

Verse 2:

There's a lot to be said
Lot to be told
Lot to be confessed
I'm holdin doe
So I'm overly stressed
I wear my hat low
Cah I'm known to the Feds
Tryna be cool
But I'm losin my head
Plus I heard a couple man wanted me dead
Tell them man we got the machine
And I see them when they get out the pen
Youse can see them when they hit road
I be on your TV
In your stereo
I be in your Blackberry
In your iPhone
Everybody knows about Bugzy Malone
But I gotta confess
In 0 10 I fell off
Made 10 quid
Made bare man jealous
Spent every penny in about six weeks
But I don't care
Now that I'm back well off
Fuck bitches I just do big bits
I'm just tryna get rid of boxes like Kellog's
So I can get the Kawasaki Ninja
Matte Black
I'm a rider and they forgot
Me a Machine, Ninja
Red hot
Tell my man I'll take his head off
I'd die for my family
And that's on my mums life
‘Did they forget Dee’s my Brudda’
Did they forget I I come from the gutter
And I spent 07 in the slammer
Never seen the summer
They let me out
And a ate man like I never had a dinner
Pray to the Lord like I never been a sinner
Take off a front door like I'm onto a winner
Gamble my freedom
Everyday I wake up
You would've thought I was a Roulette spinner
I go inner they just go in
I'm Bugzy Malone the wickedest ting
Since Lucifer dropped with a broken wing
They spill the beans like a open tin
But I'm ODT so I'm on dis ting
Tell them Gunchester run this ting
I fuck them up with the ting in their mouth
I make their legs shake, bondage ting, yo
I'm the general, front line soldier
Run this grime ting 10 times over
Go tell Chipmunk not to be cheeky'
Grime is a road ting, my man's hopeless
Go make a pop tune, fuck your A's and B's
You went from Chip Diddy Chip to The Streets
Oopsy Daisy, I'm not in your league
Well I've been on the road playing Hide and Seek
Hide from the Feds, seek my enemies
It's like I got some freaky disease
Cause when I say "Turn into the Devil"
It's like bare bitches drop to their knees
I've been dissecting boxes of cheese
Since I was 18, I had 5 workers
That's 5 phones, 5 days in, we made 5 g's
That's 2 grand profit
Have you gone mad?
I made 10 grand in about 5 weeks
That's no secret, man know me
Bugzy Malone's not just an MC
I got locked up aged 16
So fuck Chipmunk n his A's n B's
I rep this grime ting properly, 0161
Watch how they walk with me, trust me
Watch how they walk with me
And fuck that dough cause I spent that fast
No money management, fucking with cash
These days man just say fuck the past
Nowadays days my whips better than your dads
My old headmaster used to have a Jag
Now that I'm buying and selling old whips
I got one of them parked up on the path
Tell the headmaster my S-Lines faster
And I'm still going on wicked and bad
Expel me are you having a laugh?
Everyone knows the recession is bad
You might as well go re-mortgage your gaff
Or downgrade, now that I'm paid
I'll put the mortgage dipper on that
I'll pay the mortgage
Yo, fuck the headmaster and the everyone I beat up
Cause its your fault that I'm on this path
It's your fault that I seen man get stabbed
It's your fault I nearly got shot in the back
It's also your fault that I'm on a track
And I made way more money in the trap
I'm Bugzy Malone, going on cold
Now they say I put Manny on the map
I put Manny on the map

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