Campana - I'm Down ft. MistaDC [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Campana
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Luna God

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Tekst piosenki

I'm down

What's this inside of me? Does it inspire me?
Does it inquire to quiet me, or choir these
People with the notes that's coming right out of me
Would I say it so casually, if I made a big salary

Keep on catching these calories, life portraying a gallery
With people standing outside doors to the back of the alley streets
Keep em waiting, take that little frustration, destroy it; be glad you made it
Don't dare you drop out of high school, gone get your edumucation

Complacent female relations is homicide
I don't think ill handle shit the day that my mama dies
Why you gonna say that shit, you ain't that kinda guy
When the times getting rougher than ever that's when I call on my

Savior for favors, and I admit it I'm kinda high
Off indigenous trees, and medication that isn't mine
And I'm knowing crazy, I've done some changing in little time
Just a year ago, in summertime, I was super dry

My life needed Jergens, I'm surely certain recalling on my
Memory, nostalgia carried back to like mid-July
Nigga, that was my natural desire, just to get higher and higher
Until I'm chillin on lesser planets with extra life

But shit I be saying they say be moving the paralyzed
Everyday outfits are always draped with a pair of lies
Complimented with stereotypes; brighten the darkening side
As far as all we know, the place we call hell is paradise

And it got me like no, I ain't trying to go, I can't see what's on the other side, knowing that it might change my life
When I'm ready to go, I'mma let you know
Working to serve a purpose, the quicker I serve these sermons, give service those who earned, then I'm down

Then I'm down (x4)

Verse 2:
Then I'm down, I'm out, referee come on and count me
I'm young, I'm proud, I'm putting on for my county
I huff, I puff, I'm blowing down all your houses
Make clear to whoever resides, that the fire alarm was sounding

I'm counting with speed of accountants, I get my re-ups in ounces
This love I found is new-founded, I'm hoping that I don't drowned in that hate
Take me back to the places that I rarely show my face
And it's seemingly interesting they want cuts of that cake

With a life full of gluttony, nigga look on your plate
And the last of their worries is how they're stuffing their face
Until you do em like Anthony Casey, get on their case, Until you get on their case

And I made some mistakes, but I'm not human, lets all partake in communion
Form a union, go on strike, to get higher pay
It's gon be okay when life's approaching monotony
Play this game for piece of papers you call it monopoly

I'm aiming and motivating these people to coalesce
She was an Ex X addict, just wanted to coexist
So I turn on the mic, wan' make sure you recording this
Materialism kills, when you find out that more is less

Make it hocus pocus, flows atrocious so bodacious, takes some focus
All these loves songs we putting out is what making these females hopeless
And shit, maybe some of these fellas too
I'm a prime example, did Marilyn Manson just manage to put a spell on you

Repetition of Chorus

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