Conzcept - Ride [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Conzcept
Data wydania: 2015-05-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Napoleon Trill

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Tekst piosenki

Ridin doin 95
Nobody can stop me now
I dun Came up from the south
Of Jerz And bitch I birthed a town
Fucked a round and birthed a sound
Nobody as cold as me
Gambling wit life runnin round robbin like it's how it's posed to be ?
Hold the beat
Motherfuckers think they knowin me but don't know shit
I rolled my weed and take four sips
Jack D and coke I need more of this
Tell me why there's never enough ?
Tell me why I don't give one fuck ?
If I live or die when I get sky high I live a life so rough
Gotta go hard bitch when any day could be your last
And I hope yall know when I go imma be trashed
What you thought it was ? Hank and Keith is my idols
Ima die a fuckin legend
Smith and wesson to my rivals

Pour some jack up in your cup and twist a wheel now
On dirt roads or the pavement
Mud tires or scrapin ahhhh
Fingers gone numb it's getting real now
If you know what I'm sayin
Then go ahead and say it
Ima ride
Till the wheels fall off

I can feel my fingers slipping loosin grip up on my life
I can feel the depression set in when the moon begins to light
Living trife bitch fuck the world
All I need is weed and brews
Couple dollars and a girl
But she gone need some fortitude
Fornicate the interlude
Fortified my feelings too
What Fuck I'm gonna do if no one comes to save me too
Feelin like I'm out the loop
Feelin down and out again
Lucky for my dirty boots
But I'm back to doubt again
I been out here wildin and runnin round for 7 days
Got a whole lot of tension that's in my town nobody safe
And I just heard a story about a shorty the other day
About some lack of guidance and how she had to run away
Lookin at the streetlights thinkin how it's a shame
Sometimes they're all I got when I got no god to even blame
Thinking bout it all as I'm swerving in and outta lanes
Lookin at life as I lust for better days

We're all just searching for truth
Like a stranded ship at sea
Looking for a beacon of light
Something that's right
Something to live
Something to fight
Some sit still
Some take flight
If your like me you'll find yourself lost in emotion
But without no direction
So thats why use these streetlights as our guide
No matter where we may travel
We always return home
But its all about the ride

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