Creamatic - Vibe$ [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Creamatic
Album: ******** the ep
Data wydania: 2016-01-10
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: KayLib
Tekst: Creamatic, Taew$

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Tekst piosenki

What's the vibe?
What's the vibe?
What's the vibe?
What's the vibe?
How y'all feeling
On this motherfuckin night? (X2)

Verse 1
Back then
Everything was different
I was so hard headed
I would hardly listen
I'm older now
I'm in department stores
Buying shit I couldn't afford
Swiping my credit card
Back and forth
Never no decline
Cause I bust my ass off
From 7 to 5
Got tired of staying home
I had to get my shine on
This supreme hat didn't get itself
My conscious told me
Get off your Ass
Its time to get some help
Since my wealth comin through
I've been dropping tracks
Some are old and some are new
Old to me and new to you
I'm doing shows with my nigga Taew$
Ideas coming out our heads
While we grubbin and We gettin this Bread
Its crazy how this talk was a joke
We went from talking about shoes
To the music
That we both influenced
Damn the vibe feels great
Hands in the air
And let me hear y'all say...


Verse 2
I say fuck you
To the non believers
I'll be at the rockets game
Sitting court side
Away from the arena
Its funny how people
Doubt your dreams
Yet my name still in ya mouth
Hating on my soundcloud
My pops to po up and smoke blunts
In the south
Shit ain't change
I'm like a second version of him
With a shorter route
I'm looking for a way out
A way out
A way out
A way out
This bitch
Its a new year
Ain't shit change
But the number
I'm humble
I'm swear dripping
As I'm going through the struggle
My life is like a puzzle
That shit too hard to connect
And its tumble


Verse 3: Taew$
I remember when my pops
Wouldn't come home
He would rather be out
With his fucking boys
Getting fucked up
Doing drugs
I guess he was living the life dawg
My mom didn't know what to do
So all she did was cry
I had to take a stand
Ask him to change & get a better plan
That was back in 09 and now we here
I'm 17 and we livin a better life
Not gonna lie i fell into the drugs
Slowly picked myself up
Cause i didn't wanna let my pops down bruh
I picked up the pen, instead of the blunt
Let the ink show
How i was feeling bruh
I started doing shows with
One of my closest friends
Shit, we just a couple niggas from the hood
We just like everyone
We tryna be considered one of the greats
At the end of the fucking day...

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