FeltzPreviewsCovers - Both Hands* [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: FeltzPreviewsCovers
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Haters really think there tough n stuff
Hating on a brudda cos our chips are up
And there chips are down cause there shots ain't there
CIS they know that my packs bang
Shorty in her bikini in Miami
Tryna win us a Emmy bitch
Fuck a witness you can end up in a ditch
Had enough of your talking im tired of it
See your bitch and pull up to the side of it
I'm a new me i ain't the same now
I'm gonna be what i wanna be
I'm gonna do me and earn these wings
Go at the right speed i go at the right pace
I go hard like i fucked her face
I go hard like i fucked her brains to
She noes I'm getting cheese like these mice do
Body like a work of art looking just like a star
Gonna make it far I'm on my go go
Make sure the tip of my dick hit her tonsil
They say I'm weird no fear in on bro
No sleeping no eating i Ain't with the bullshit
After she feels this dick she wants to abuse it
Fuck that pussy until she's passing out
Fuck that pussy until i fucked it out
Cos she knows that i love to fuck
But she noes I'm about my money too much
I got big plans now she's in my hands
Ive got what i want now she's in my hands
Get big grands then i can take her on vacation
To meet my gran so she can see the combination
I'm gonna make it i promises ill make it
My tunes go Play it at a party with some liquor and soda
In between two black girls thats an Oreo
But most of these girls get pissed on like there urinal
Probably didn't like me but i changed her perspective
Now I'm getting money I'm her collective
Wifey material so i ain't using protection
Cos them curves on her body is perfection
So fuck about your be seeing a toaster
Let off three then i go skirt
This ain't free money i earned this shit
Tell my bitch i rolled a spliff you ready to burn this bitch
Get high like we got wings like we angels
Girl i can read your body language
If you want this dick girl you can come get it
I can eat that pussy like i ate a muffin
Your love it so much i dont do it wrong
I can go with the beat of the song
In other words i can fuck your pussy up
Then i can treat your pussy much
Then we can go and fuck for longer
Tell me if you want it harder faster or stronger
And when we in the whip she riding shotgun
She noes I'm the one she noes I'm the one
We all about our future
But money the only thing im used to
On the farms like a rooster
Shuffling these packs i need a booster
My screws loose blud I'm a time bomb
This dick will turn your eyes on
You don't even know the half of
The shut i wanna do but right now im Rapper

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