G, The Wiz - Suicide Awareness Week [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: G, The Wiz
Data wydania: 2015-06-21
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: G, The Wiz
Tekst: G, The Wiz

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse One: G, The Wiz]
Please don’t yell at me today
Please tell dad to go away
I got these scars all on my arms
In gym class peers all made the call
But she never believed in self-harm
You see back home there was a war
Since Jenny’s old dad passed away
Her mom simply just made her way
Got a new man drinks beer cans
2:45 he pulls in his vans
At her high school
But she didn’t understand
That her step-dad had other plans
Mom still working in the office
He walks in her room, without notice
Sits bedside said what are you doing?
She said nothing and get out of my room
But he was a bad man on his last beer car
Took her by force beyond control
He said no one ever has to know
She couldn’t run, she went numb
Parents always say that these kids go through these phases
But little do they know there are pending Facebook pages
Rest in peace to so and so
She was 16 years old
Never saw it coming. Never could’ve guessed it
She was so pretty why did it happen?
In her mind she felt out of place
Life felt like a mistake
Tied the noose, kick the stool
When no one was home
She made her escape

[Verse Two: G ,The Wiz]
Man up you’re such a bitch
Were some of the things they said to him
And when they were bored they pushed him around
Thought it was funny never thought it was cruel
He stuck around just wanted to be cool
Went to the parties but used as a tool
But you see Alex had a huge crush
On a girl in his math class
Her name was Kelly and she found him funny
They called him ugly but she called him lovely
He had a good heart as big as the world
He shared his writing, shared his words
But when the guys found about his little crush
They ganged up together and planned an ambush
They showed no fear, showed no mercy
Decided to trick him at their next party
Invited Kelly from a Facebook event
He didn’t know what was in store
Didn’t think the guys would sink this low
Cuz when he was drunk they stripped him naked
Threw him outside and hosed him down
He felt so embarrassed. So humiliated
When Kelly saw she gave a smirk
He broke down choking, crying, sobbing
While everyone around started laughing hooting
He ran back home, took the pills
Meant for his mom because she was ill
She found him later on the kitchen floor
News next day put the teens on trial
High school claimed the act to be vile
While the widowed mother back home
Cries on the death of her only child

[Verse Three: G, The Wiz]
It’s a new world, it’s a new era
Pink shirt, blue shirt ain’t gonna do no shit
They say it raises awareness
I say that it puts villains in disguises
A social praise like an accessory
Like I’m a hero, look at me
I’m gonna save every kid in depression
But a few weeks later they lose impression
Behind their screens and behind their phones
Texting, posing, harassing, laughing
School never teaches you about the limits
Doing it all for your satisfaction
If it’s on the web they won’t forget it
They film you when you make mistakes
They think it’s funny because it’s not them
But imagine how hurt they must have felt
When you tease about their insecurities
The things that make them lose sleep
The things that’ll make their life a struggle
So before you leak all of her nudes on Twitter
Before you post jokes on others problems
It one day might be your son or daughter
Who might fall victim to this vicious cycle
And it might be a war they might not tackle
So here’s my message to all the kids
Who think play fighting is not bullying
Who tell others to chill and take a joke
You can’t tell them how they should feel
If you laugh at their expense
And they try hard just to pretend
Instead of losing a thoughtless friend
They might end up losing themselves

[Verse Four: G, The Wiz]
She was a writer, she was a poet
Spoke her heart and became a legend
Her words were soft, Her words sad
People praised her for her that expression
So here is my out of class lesson
To the youth and the adolescent
Pay attention, listen close
How they talk, what they say
What they do, how they behave
Change in moods is the queue to move
Help them find the better path
Let them know they can make it through
Because the last thing we need
The last thing we need to see
Is to see these deaths on the news
With their final words in ink pen blue

[Sylvia Plath]
Nobody watched me before
Nobody watched me before
Nobody watched me before

Now I am watched

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