George The Poet - Fifty [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: George The Poet
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Know why I put myself out there for all to see?
'Cos noone cares about my brothers more than me
Course we're disadvantaged
But we got to take control by force 'cos this is carnage
I don't care if I killed a game and they don't want to crown me
The only reason people hear what I'm saying
Is that I feel the same when there's noone around me

All I need is fifty man, just fifty man
I ain't even planning nothing shifty, fam
You say you can't stand the state of the hood
So I dare you to commit to that statement for good
I'm saying fifty man, just fifty man
Just a brother utilising every gift he can
To make sure my little brothers and sisters in the ghetto
Don’t fall victim to the system and the metal
Understand that it’s you that I’m speaking to
Do you not realise what we can do?
Get a foot in the door and start sneaking through
I’m looking for more than hearts beating too
This ain’t rhetoric, I’m not a demagogue
If I was American, I’d rhyme that with a hella fog
‘Cos that’s what we’re trapped in
Gassed up with this trap ting
And then perpetuating all of that stuff with this rap ting
There’s forces that play that want to cause disarray
I’m like how can you lot not see it?
If you ever see me looking pissed and pensive
That’s ‘cos it’s so obvious it’s offensive
I told my guy keep your eyes on tomorrow
It’s hard but it’s only greasy for you today
He said easy for you to say
I ain’t sure to succeed
When you live in a drought, you can’t water the seed
I got a daughter to feed, I barely taught her to read
It’s hell, G, this fucking estate’s tense
So tell me something that makes sense
I told them watch me closely as I lift each hand
I need fifty man

Let’s run with this race and take over, give this place a make over
Muslim, Rasta, if the Witness ain’t of Jehovah
I don’t care, we’re going to finally break through
If you don’t let society shape you
It ain’t true that the business makes the stakeholder
No, Cuz, that’s a big mistake that they told us
We got so much in common but we focus on our differences
And we expect the effect not to be bogus on our infant kids
What do you think they think of this? Make inferences
Emotions spinning out of a ???
I ain’t inspirational, I just wake yous up
We’re the only hope for kids that harbour this stress because of fatherlessness
Am I the only one that cares about half of this mess?
People out there want to tame and control us
The rest of them think we’re insane and we’re soulless
The pain of the boulders and flame in our shoulders
Is exactly why I’m here blaming the olders
‘Cos this is real life and they should have told us
But they didn’t so now we’re finding out the hard way
Learning it’s impossible to grind without the heartache
But you’re not a soldier if you whine about the past dates
Look what we got through, what can we not do?
I want to see the gang mandem organise the border lines
And make sure the guys from the other side can’t come and ride on our side on a homicidal car ride
Imagining myself getting killed off by a pagan and I feels annihilation
From the hills that I’m adjacent to towards the fire station
I’d be dead in the ground and still feel the violation
I don’t want none of my brothers to die anymore
Who wants any other mothers to cry anymore?
So I’m talking to the rappers, talking to the trappers
Talking to the kids about to walk into the madness
Somewhere along the lines, somebody tricked you
Into sticking to the script big companies stick to
So if you ain’t with me, it’s a solo fight
‘cos these kids ain’t getting the meaning of YOLO right
I need fifty

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