Herrick & Hooley - Sharktales [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Herrick & Hooley
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]

I ain't the type to be candid
I ain't got no fucking type cause this life left me stranded
Imma fuck whatever shore that I can land in
Imma sail every water that I swam in
Swimming in this deep got me feeling more shallow that a reef with some keef and a preacher in the back with a bible and beat

I've been in the cut with some
Fucked up teeth

I've been in a rut cause I fucked up
Focused on the wrong shit
Now I spit a song with a strong lip
Now I take my time when I rhyme
Yeah I'm cautious
But I ain't playing when I tell you that i'm riding on this wave till I'm nauseous

My mind is so hazy lately praise me make me famous
Fuck me fuck the heinous
Fake the friends and make the makers take us
Take the time to make some music
Lakes and boos and weed and loosey ladies usually make me lazy
But now I'm on the grindstone daily
Now I'm like a rhinestone cowboy
Bet you can't phase me

I had bring it back to the 8 track

I'm attracting every backpacking hipster with a SnapBack

Cause I'm a lover not a fighter
I'm undercover as a rapper
I'm still in love with my trapper keeper
I spit shit like a master teacher
While I'm masturbating to my
Latest feature
I'm amazed with these fake ass rappers making trap and making money while the real emcee's go hungry


Imma get some bees and make some mother fucking honey
Make my life sweeter than my little honey bunny I'mma make it top or imma die trying
I ain't ever gonna stop cause I'm a mother fucking lion
I ain't tryna be an asshole
I'mma take all of my fam to the top of the castle
I'mma get a pretty queen with a pretty nice ass
Rule the motherfucking world from a house made of glass


Where you been at
Where the fuck you been at

I've been at the bottom of a lake
Looking up at all the fake mother fuckers making money
Where you been at
I've been making bars motherfucker where you been at
Where the fuck you been at

[Verse 2]

Coming out the whip with some doves in the back
I can tell you right now that I'm down to fuck
I've wasting all my time I can't ever get it back
But I'm back on that grind man that's just my luck
Mother fucker I'm stuck
She way too fine for me
Got my rhymes up and now she got an eye for me
I'm moving so silent so plain to see
But my brain and my body never seem to agree

Got this glass half full

Making honey in the present with some money on the side
Got my honey in whip with my tape on rewind
And that ass in my hand cause i landed a dime
Bitch Hand me a check
I've been working nonstop without a motherfucking sweat
I don't care about the money I just want that respect
And if y'all didn't know I'm the ace in the deck

I'm racing the best
I'm erasing the rest
I've been waiting in line motherfucker I'm next
I've been making the climb
And my mama been stressed
And this shits weighing heavy on my chest

Give me some love
Give me a sign from above
Make me a star and ill make you a queen
They gave me some purp but that perp is at large
Man that burns to clean

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