Hezza-T - King Henry [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Hezza-T
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Tim Goddard

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Tekst piosenki

You tell me I can't do this
Nobody's going to knock me down
You say that I can't do this
Nobody's going stop me now

You say that I should give up
You tell me you don't like my sound
But I'm not gonna give it up
Nobody's going to take my crown

[Verse 1]
First things first let me see
What's comes first oh yea me
Walk In the place they say who the fuck is he
End of the night they know my name's hezza t
Don't fuck with me like I got HIV
Girls say high to me like ecstasy
First mix tape going to sound like the best of me
Lyrics disturbing they make you sleep restlessly
Taking the piss need a pea desperately
Flow so much, must be intentionally breathlessly
Got especially exceptional pedigree
Will be still single at the age of seventy
Worse std To give a girl's pregnancy
Eventhough she'd get it potentially pleasantly
Killed the beat its on the floor to die helplessly
Try to fuck me up ill give you a vasectomy
Lost all integrity When I gained expectancy
Essentially Hezza t attacks with intensity
Incredibly my lyrics contain a complexity
Amazingly I released my own song successfully
Accidentally And unintentionally
I scream at all bitches to open sesame
Then fucked them with my hard and large extremity
Killing shit like one of Jason Bornes enemy's
Plus im the best like the borne supremacy
Some of my lyrics they are unnecessary
Talk a lot of shit i guess it hereditary
I'm might be first but I'm always come secondary
Work with so much pussy I could do something veterinary
Work will never stop Untill I am legendary
Killed the beat buried it in the cemetery
Greatest thing born in the month of February


[Verse 2]
Got so many bitches I play them like a game
Hot blonde and skinny they all seem the same
They get pissed off when you don't know their name
Lyrics with beauty like a picture in a frame
Pussy is like a lion I try to tame
Haters take their shots but forgot to aim
Asked my girl over, then she came
Just like her I do this for fun not fame
They think I'm shit ill break their legs they're lame
Lyrics come at you hit you hard like a freight train
Lyrics come at you hit you hard like I'm bane
Win some and lose some but can handle the pain
Still run this even if I had a sprain
Blood feel my lyrics like a jugular vein
Now I'm blowing up like an unsafe gas main
Thinking outside the box I'm not David blain
Rap fast so i swerve to get into the fast lane
Driving rappers crazy my flow is insane
Jealous of me ho because their flows are mundane
Their bubble is Popping just like my champagne
They fuck the game up so i decide to abstain
I'm so sick and ill, detained to contain
If you don't get me I'm not going to explain
Things Im doing to this beat its inhumane
Bury your career In this terrain
Girls eat me but I'm top of the food chain
The game is the reason for the pain I sustain
Looking for something so I can maintain
A name you all know that was born to entertain
The top is something I know i can obtain
I am the king this is the start of my reign
There will be no one on earth like this again


[Verse 3]
Flows so dangerous I come with a warning
Sleeping around i Wake up ready in the morning
It's a shame these other rappers are so boring
That is the reason why Im still fucking yawning
My house is a birds nest I don't live in Beijing
Making sweet music can not rap or sing
When a Girl is on my bed they will be sprawling
If Im drunk I might be stalling
Give me a minuet my software is installing
Give me a minuet while lyrics I'm recalling
I Stole more girls hearts than this swag I am hauling
Battle so hard by the end I call it brawling
1,2,3 you better watch out for my arm swings
Underdog like when i step into the damn ring
Killer flow Killed the beat you should be in mourning
Here for your spot from the top you will be falling
Stamping on your feet while on the side you still cling
Flyer than an plane your not even a bird wing
How good am I man how longs a piece of string
Toss girls a side she's just a fling
When we fuck she cums like flowers in spring
Just like her its My name that you will be calling
When im on stage So stop calling me appalling
Fed up being left out now I'm going all in
If you motherfuckers pause I will be mauling
Funny how your girl thinks Your dick is a small thing
I rap fast motherfucker there is no stalling
Now i got you stressed like you are fucking balding
Mother fucking Pain in the nut like a ball sting
Compared with the world i am Better than all things
Now im making money I am screaming ca Ching
Henry's the name I will not stop till I'm called king

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