IBeKrizzy - May Is' Settin In [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: IBeKrizzy
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: IBeKrizzy]
May Is Settin' In, I can tell by her Summer Suit
And Man those lies got me considering lawsuit
Walks like a boss too, I'll hit it out like Babe Ruth
She'll Tell me that she loves me but the next day it's the next dude

Man, I've been getting that so much lately
When the weather changes man these bitches go crazy
From Hot to cold, From cold to hot
Girl you think you're hot? Yeah we call that photoshop

Work hard everyday, furthest thing from lazy
Blueprint my life man, I guess I'm on my Jay Z
Summer clothes, hot sun, show em niggas what you got
Fighting all the bullshit, she in a red tank top

Hope you got that last line, heard it through the grape vine
Don't touch those thorns, cause them thorns ain't nice
I'm finally off the drugs, put the bad past behind me
She's like the last line of the rap verse inside me, WASSUP

[Hook: Nova]

There's something I want to tell you, there's something I want to tell you

[Verse 2: IBeKrizzy]
There's something I wanna tell you, there's something you should know
And if you wanna walk it out, than take it to the front door
I Said I'm 30-ft tall in my last song
Feelings won't surface tell me why I should even stick around

Lately I've debated and I think it's time for me to part
And nah don't be sorry I'm kinda happy with those broken heart
If you forget about me, then it really is whatever
Cause to her I'm just a rapper and I doubt she'll meet another

So go on girl, it's 12 and it's dark out
Played by a player, but you played him so it evens out
You're the type that uses guys to boost your self-confidence
Tell em what they hear but you don't mean the compliments

Yeah, and that's me being honest
And now I'm feeling so blue I guess I'm on my sonic
Now you're feeling caught cause every line I've said is true
But you can breathe Easy cause this song ain't about you

[Hook: Nova]

(Fading) There's something I want to tell you, there's something I want to tell you

[Verse 3: IBeKrizzy]
Damn, Who can I trust?
And lately I can't tell between what's love and what's lust
OH, trust me , them woman is down to fuck
Too much ain't enough, but enough is enough

Damn, Why am I complaining about all of that?
Cause people seem to envy this love life I seem to have
2 lines if I ever rap, becomes a quote
And when I'm fucking talking man these kids take notes

[Hook: IBeKrizzy]
Tell em' What they wanna hear

[Verse 4: Doofi]

(Phone Call)

Fuck Love, I'd rather fall in love in an endless pit of agony
My ex was a bitch, all she did was bring me down like gravity
That bitch was a slut, all she was was vanity
I wanna stab her heart, call that a cavity
Yeah I'm fucked up , I'm filled with insanity
But that bitch is too, she doesn't know reality
Living in a fucking fantasy
A slut is all I see, I used to love her, but hate grew rapidly
She used to be a gold digger, I could provide for her financially
That's not it, there's more of this blasphemy
I thought me and her were together happily
Man fuck Love, man fuck that, man take it back , Haris tell her' THAT

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