I.B.R. - Road Not Taken [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: I.B.R.
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook: Ethan Prinzen, Austin Berry, Candice Quinlan]
It's the high road and I haven't reach the end
I'm going my own way and I'm not following trends
And my destination is success
It's a quest
Cuz I'm on the road not taken

[Verse 1: I.B.R.]
Here we go!
Here's some food for thought, do you like Robert Frost?
I'm on the road not taken and I will not get lost
And there's a cost to writing music, choosing this ain't a mistake
It ain't no walk in the park, no piece of cake, but it's the road I'll take
I'm going above ya, this is off the beaten track
And I know what I'm doing so all this doubt is beaten back
Though everyone takes the same road as everyone else
I'm just a musician, this decision is worth all the hell!
And I just think of each day and week and each month as a test
And when you grind this hard then you don't even get a day of rest!
But I ain't stressed or obsessed, keeping my pen pressed, I guess
And you hear me sit by myself saying "gotta be the best"!
I'm in beast mode, Super Saiyan, I'm just sayin' I won't stop
This the crux, it's up to luck, so it better not drop
This could change it all, fly or fall, triumph or flop
So I've decided on the high road, and I'll take it to the top!

[Verse 2: Eternal]
Sometimes the road not taken is not one to take at all
And sometimes to rise up, first you gonna have to fall
In the midst of all that, real people walk tall
Don't front, be who you are, and the haters, crush 'em all!
But why would I work it if there's no point to the strife
Maybe that strife is hidden while truth is made to look nice
To understand the truth you have to understand my plight
So listen as I spill out the laws and goals of my life!
To never end the struggle and to fight with a passion
To walk out the house of pain that turned into a mansion
To find a way to survive on our search for redemption
To hold our head high against the face of resentment
So take a different road from a world that coulda been
And quit with the ignorance and the stupid fantasy
You can walk a different path, and you gonna have to see
How you become him, the other man, from the world we never seen


[Verse 3: A.2.Z.]
This is A.2.Z.!
And this your time, now pick a road to take
But choose wisely fellas, do not make the wrong mistake
Sometimes the wrong path cannot be reversed
And I only have to say is four words
Man this is your life! Now it is up to you
And do not let us get in the way, do what you do
I mean I will never stop being A.2.Z.!
Cuz I will do only one thing, and I'll be doin' me!
So do not stop, keep going til the end of time
Don't stop eternally, wouldn't that feel like a crime?
Yeah it would, so get out there, man
Accomplish as much as you can! And I'm out!

[Verse 4: Bisnaz]
The way I'm looking at it, there's only one option
Follow the path, society has us locked in
It's not a lose-lose situation, but it's not win
It's time to put in work, and yeah, I just clocked in
They say the arts is dead, prepare for the street life
Radiator heaters, electricity street lights
Out here, you be lucky if your heart beat twice
Going medical the only way to the sweet life
But what we have is a generation that don't listen
But have the heart and drive to make our own decisions
See we don't wanna be physicians with practitions
With the skill set to be artists and musicians
Given the right opportunity
I know you're afraid of failure but that's not new to me
Truthfully, every time I hear failure I sweat
But I done seen rock bottom, failure ain't a threat
So you can catch me at the top, ballin' without the net
And know damn well that I'll fail my way to success

[Verse 5: Esoterik]
I can't begin to tell, my mind caught up in a spell
Situation beginning to swell, I wanted to yell
Caught up in a double bar cell, none to hear my far cry, stranded under water wells!
Life sure sells a lotta Prada, Gucci, and Gabbana
Stars chasin' after supernova lifestyle drama
Waitin' for the moment to be blown up into the strata
Jumping into black hole anecdotes, just to forget ya
They say stay blissful, this is pitiful
How the individual is indivisible
Til invisible, take your life back to remain on track
Bullet train facts versus bullet riddled backs!
Unstoppable, invincible undeniable, incredible hero!
Never half-stepping with ease, though it is clear, so
Handing back devil scrolls unwound by blunted trolls!
You lead the pack to wack graphical stats and come back to top class
All to brag the fact and nag the class that somebody got class
...just another fake brat!
Chased at by eraser cats until the act fades fast and feints past your aim jack in painful payback and true fact:
If I were you homie, I'd walk a track that would last


[Verse 6: Con]
I stop, cuz I don't know where to go
Decisions rise when there's a fork in the road
The clear choice is fogged, blurring up my sight
I never felt so lost in my whole entire life!
Motivation the reason I gotta keep pushin on
Don't look back until the track behind you is gone
New choices means I can right my wrongs
But no one told me this journey would be so long
Collecting my thoughts was time well used
This path's so hard I wear steel toed boots!
Far destination gave me time and set me free
Used to hold it in but now my heart speaks
Ideas rising, try not to forget
Hold nothing back, take it in, but don't regret
Walk a lonely path gives you time to reflect
I'll achieve my dreams, I'll get 'em, no sweat

[Verse 7: I.B.R.]
Ay, they say fake it til you make it, till you shake and quake the stage
I say, keep it real, take aim, create and break fate
Wait! Don't hate or make mistakes, don't be late and shut it down
You're on the road you take alone, you're on your own, so what now?
How do you show the world your skills when all the do is say no?
On the winding road, saying I don't spit fire, I spit volcanoes!
So while they sell their souls, staying up, praying for this
I'mma be on the road les travelled, I ain't afraid of the risk

[Verse 8: Daim]
Many different paths to choose, got the perfect attitude
I'm climbing up my latitude, and next I'm coming after you
So better watch out, somebody finna act a fool
I'm showing gratitude since they know me as that rapper dude
Straight outta Compton, I mean Kitchener
Forever stuck with the game and I ain't ditchin' her
Murder tracks, got 25 as a prisoner
Willingly fulfilling my destiny 'till I'm rich and up
There where the stars ball harder than ever before
You hate on me, I won't bother to settle the score
Got a lotta fire and I'm ignited like July the 4th
Hotter than a kettle on the stove of the devil's abode
Smart enough to start a path to dart the charts and reach the top
Disregard the thought of scars and have my music siege their hearts
And Ima go the farthest yard, through my own way to walk the park
Mark my a capella, I'm the fella who will be a star!

Chorus (Joined by I.B.R. and Daim)

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