Illspokinn - Grassy Knoll [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Illspokinn
Album: 60 minute spincycle
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Ya'll gots to know seems some have forgot now
Rearrange ya flow just for climbin the charts now
Designer of the art and it change everyday
Hit the road less traveled and I'm paving the way
Funny things they do just to make it today
See the future as a dry piece of paper mache'
Saturate with decisions than you can keep it that way
Ask dave we both pull strings to get paid
Appetite for life and death can't curve it
Needle to finger tip and I bleed to the sheet's surface
Seekin zen blind pen signs of a true wordsmith
Close eye lids and the vision is still perfect
As long as the earth spins each breath is worth it
Courteous Words further minds of young urchins
Servicing curbs with a verse and a short chorus
On tour with a band one mic and a damn circus

See brilliance wit ill floatin adjacent
Nit wits still tryin to soak in the basics
Vocals bass licks live local amazement
Your dj can't cut dude those are abrasions
Crackin concrete one glance opens the pavement
Spit face it to cause ocean and lake drift
Burn word minutes it's mobile replacement
Dope coke in the basement
G's Up Hooold on now
Gain ground city to state town to town Bound to
Move forward like a pawn now
Attack sidearmed now to queens locked down and
Bless cords
It's the king to Check your mate leavin your rook shook
While we hit L's like knights on chess board
I Met a muse STILL you's ill well chew fiber
And get ya shit straight for askin who's liver

It takes an adequate amount of above average wits
To catch semantic mind savages..the talented
Ravishing malice contacted with natural attitude
Lack of gratitude an asshole and I'm glad of it
Shrapnel from vocal grenades
Most'll get sprayed wit rap skills
Choke on the bass knowin ya place
I THAT ILL...just focus on me
Creatin basement hits for kids defacing wit
Spray cans bombers poplockers and headspinners
Bboys crate diggers and wax flippers
It's elementary men'll mention me at 70
How ill of emcee I was at a quarter of a century
At the present time I present a rhyme
Putting pressure on opposition pressing pushing back your mind
Presentation equals presence with no Pretext
Dramamine needed` at the shows when i flow U sea sick

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