Innocent - Trophies [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Innocent
Data wydania: 2014-08-29
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Metro Boomin, I.M (아이엠)

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Tekst piosenki


Trophies… Music is the medicine of mind
I guess that’s why I’m high on the only medicine of mine
I mean time flies you’re reaching and your trynna touch the sky
I mean I’ve got a lot more than hopes and dreams to satisfy
I’d do anything for this so I’m being selfish though I’m shy
You should know I’m not the selfish kind of guy
I’m really looking out for mine, I don’t really have the time, and

Maybe you could be a part of it
There really isn’t much left I put my heart in it
I know that it’s wrong so I’m finding the right in it
Casting light upon my demons, so I’m writing, fighting
Cause despite this I’m right in, I’ll admit it I mean, I already put the time in

How long till were free, cause for me
Everyday it’s to be or not to be, for these kids in the streets
They’re kids get them some sheets, give them something to eat
Let them sleep, live, love and repeat, give them clothing and shoes for their feet
Devices to make it right and put this music on repeat
Cause just like me, they in need, of music, therapy
Right now these vices and vipers won’t let us get some sleep
In a system made to deceive and delete

That’s the reason why that piece is what you keep
Have you feeling like it’s heaven and hell every week
You live to see another day and everyday, we, pray pray pray
Though there isn’t so much to say say say
I hope more than anything that your Oh KKK?
Please let them be don’t stay stay stay
Damn they know they Gat you when those AK’s spray spray spray

See how they react when you read
See how they react when you succeed
They’d love to see you bleed
But do so only according to your own deeds
We’re lucky to be alive I know but live
Eddie Griffin educated and they hate it
Huh? Cause another nigga made it
We live off laughter cause the pain is a disaster
I wish I could make it all happen so much faster
Doctor remove the plaster, just let me go to see the pastor
Just let you go to see the pastor, the life you live is a disaster
You run so god can catch ya, man your life is a movie script
Lay your own lines down, rewrite the script
Dare to dream, scheme and stay on your feet

I keep thinkin bout conversations I had that were deep
I think it’s rather sad
I remember thinkin bout all that I never had
All the moments I missed, with my mom and dad
Some of us grew up to fast, glad
That I am fortunate enough to have what most, never had
You’re the best I ever had La Familia
I’d die if I couldn’t feel yah
You made love feel familiar… trophies

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