InsaneMastermind - Ballin' Remix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: InsaneMastermind
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Verse: 1
Im ballin down to my shoe strings, I got fly kicks like Liu Kang
Gotta new name and it's 2Chainz fuck Tity Boi imma do things
Got two rings, no losing, cause the dude came and slew brains
Who thinks im too tame? Well you lame imma new chain
Cause I got two places one is new, what the fuck are you gonna do
Call me luda got lots of gouda and move it bitch cause im coming through
The game tried to evict me but I stuck my foot in the doorframe
Now there's more fame bringing more pain than a little kid playing war games
Im straight torching your porsche man, spit fire into that gas can
Fuck a lap band, get a lap dance, behind the cloth like an afghan
Me passing the baton? Fat chance, me passin what im on? Fat chance
The way that you spitting ain't no way it's written, your bars so shitty I can't laugh
You say “My ninjas black” imma cringe at that, switch you back to that kitchen crap
Cause the way that you spit you just spray like bitch and remain on my dick like im getting ass
Im strippin cash like a banker do, no point askin how dank the brew
Imma pitbull, if a bitch dull, then my little dogs get the ankle chewed
I play with food and I play with you, can you put those two together?
I ain't roamin through the ghetto, im just phoning you for cheddar
Cause I gotta get my dough before I get the dro, and it's funny how you the one getting smoked
So you better pay the price, or imma take your life, and then your stupid little mothafuckin head'll roll
I'm ahead of foes i'm ahead of friends, when it comes to this im a veteran
We can twitter beef but when you in the street, I think that we gon' see who better then

Never changing up my style to appeal to all the masses
Every single bar a classic till the seats are filled with asses
I'm writing every measure but I never make it drastic
Im elastic when I smash it now Imma take game and blast it

Verse 2:
Spittin on beats that im findin online,not sure but I think it's technically crime
That goes to show how retarded the laws are I don't give a fuck i'll keepin dodging the fines
Let em flyover like im at an airshow, come with the bass and i'll come with the snare bro
Im smashin these beats like the flash was in cleats and that ass was in heat got a rare flow
Im finna blow like chernobyl, im finna blow like cher bono
Automatically art like a rare photo, that's how they feel bout my spared promo
You losing your dogs like where's toto, kill you and won't even care bozo
I can spit with no crew, I ain't worried bout you, im a big dick but you shouldn't stare homo
You spit out shit like you're kevin gates, for that they won't let you past heavens gates
I'd celebrate but im hella late these fuckin fads whiz past my face
It's a month late by the time that I write em, another month pass before their posted
By the time I say shit bout a bitch and her clique it's been a whole year she's been roasted
Never win shit in the first couple rounds I win in the OT's no wonder im toasted
I always stay calm, regardless the storm, but when I catch you I know i'll hear don't trip
Im on that hov shit, you on that froze shit, stuck there on stage right after you boasted
Be noted im loaded equipped to explode and it's you who should look out for throat slits

Verse 3:
Don't floss your fake ice and five dollar jeans, don't spend your whole day just eyeballin' teens
Why they kill lions when they could kill tyga the creepy ass pedo gon' slide in them jeans
This verse is a warning to those who ignorin the fact of the matter is imma start swarmin
The killings recorded the pedal I floored it im headed to florida where heat just means warmer
After I decimate, never be stressed again, imma just keep on forgettin' bout' yesterday
Imma just keep all my woes locked up at the 6 six hour mark so I don't need to investigate
My plan's to desolate, but first let me educate
See i'd like to detonate, but they limit my pistol weight
And I can't help but speculate, that haters gon' catch a fate
And cause I don't de-escalate I end up with more fuckin beef than a deli plate
“you can't even tell he ate” im so voracious, made out of music my fingers are basses
Made it through sheer luck my pockets are aces, made it through cleverness more comebacks than Mase did
You need to face it, i'm blessed at this artform, despite all my lyrics I promise my heart warm
Got a few fans and your damn right i'd smart for 'em, just look to the future and you'll see the bard tourin'

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