InsaneMastermind - RenegadeVerse [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: InsaneMastermind
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I always thought i'd be the best killer who's spittin
But so far I hate every single thing that i've written
I've always been cold, never wore my damn mittens
I wore boxing gloves but despite my swings I ain't hittin
So I walk in the kitchen aim to cease all my bitchin
But im still constantly missin so I begin switchin missions
Now im the one pitchin, but nobody'll listen
And im sorry for kissin your ass goodbye when I hit them
Department stores looking for old CD's of slim
But now im knee deep in him and still needing the gym
Plus at the rate im going i'll most likely decease in ten
And I don't give a shit enough to even try eating trim
So I live my life like an augustus gloop clone
And im such an ape that i'll get all of this poop thrown
Cower at new drones who fly in my airspace
How are these screwed bones arriving in my face
What are these cameras doing zooming in on me
It must just be scientists seeing when i'll do laundry
Feel like an exhibit inside a lazy slob habitat
Not to mention whatever they've been feeding me added fat
So now im fat lazy and giving up on my dream
I can never buy things so I just swallow ice cream
Looking in the distance and I swear I see a white gleam
Begging me to continue to write these
Piece of shit verses that nobody compliments
Only negative commenting finds its way on this shit
I don't wanna quit but whats the point of rappin
When people only tune in when they feel they need some laughing
I want to be praised and raised on arms high
I wanna hear my name chanted while I touch our sky
Or even beyond that the sky of the martians
When im so big where I breath's a hurricane target
But that'll never happen people just don't like me
Never had a feud and stilll wanna squash my beefs'
Im lost like Miley swinging on big balls
Everytime I get up I hit a new pitfall
I'm so sick of living but im scared of dying
Stuck in this fucking limbo staring trough my eyelids
Wish I had a pistol so I could get in violence
And watch the mouths drop when I blast an unsilenced
Shot in to skull bones poppin in dull tones
Pre-emptive effort against rumors annul those
Suicide by cop take you fucks with me
Im gonna take my time i'd hate to bust quickly
This of course hypohetical too scared to do it
But if I had to choose this is how i'd go through it
Im an emotional rollercoaster, one that's real loopy
Honestly hope im just walking down the street one day and somebody shoots me
Im lost in a movie, and im the protagonist
But the script's already written so any hope of free will is just grabbin sticks
And graspin at straws, my backs to the wall
I'd rather have a crack in my jaw, than have to keep baskin at y'all
But it's not really my choice my life's an on-rails experience
My whole i've passed the buck, the fawn tails and deery bits
But im hoping to stop and just admit im a fuck-up
The pope is on top altar boy givin up butt
Fucked by the people who I trusted most
My friends have all abandoned me and left me to roast
In an eternal fire but I guess I deserve it
But then again who doesn't nobody's perfect
Let he who's without sin cast the first stone
And he who grabs anyway shall have his worst shown
Like the time he killed a child just for his bread dough
Now you've been exposed you should've done what I said so
Deny me entry into the gunstore
Cause I did'nt lie when I was asked what I want one for
I told 'em for murder, and possibly suicide
And told 'em if im back again the best thing to do is hide
I highly recommend getting under a desk
And equiping a vest to protect your chest
The grandmaster of chess here to take on the rookies
This should be no contest get in touch with your bookies
Oh look at that beat in three moves by some kid
Who looks like a refugee I bet that he runs quick
Well let's see his buns twist cause im finna run shit
Untuck my gun and unload on this dumb bitch
I'll strike down you turkeys with only one click
Nobody's getting spared what do I look like Brunswick?
That's how I felt when I got the eight seed
That's how I felt when Mirky J raped me
That's how I felt when people ain't like my ideas
For various EP's why don't you like me!?
Is it cause imma whitey, is it ause I weren't raised poor
Is it cause when it comes to bitches im tryna date your's
Is it cause my shit's too backpack not enough banger
Is it cause when I speak it's bout killing babies with hangars
Is it cause my M.O. Is to slaugter the whole scene
Is it cause i've got the energy of 42 dopefiends
Is it cause of my name, cause I know that it's silly
I've been thinkin of changin it to something less Silent Hilly
Is it cause im so young when y'all in your twentys
Is it cause i've just started writing but rhymes I got plenty
Is it cause im too cocky and my skills ain't developed
Nah that's ridiculous I kill this whole set-up
Im the illest out none you bitches worthy
Im not the next 'Em or Tech im the first me

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