Ironic - Nothing Happened [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Ironic
Album: E-R+dick8
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

It’s all about love
Damn, that was blatant; but I hope that you had fun
No matter what shit that I’ve been going through lately
Just stay trill, you ain’t gotta obey me

I’m a noun without an S
But it’s cause I failed a test upon your request
I am the detest, you already knew that though
I-Money, where did all my zeroes go?

You niggas leave me alone; I ain’t done yet
I may be upset, but I got it; hell yes
You’re the equator while I’m the gravity
You’re dragging me in cause you know you can’t stay mad at me

Forever, as long as I’m endeavored
I’mma get better; nigga, I’mma get better
I’mma make together possible again
And I’mma keep getting better because you know I can

I got em Jordan hands on the backpack logo
Relationship crashed like Apollo; oh no
I need to go back to the times where I don’t go
Cursing, flirting, hurting, no more low blows

But it’s hard to keep it going
Especially because I really don’t wanna blow it
Again, bailing on all my friends
Just to see your face on a screen, but now you have horrendous

Thoughts, emotions unlocked
We all talk shit on Twitter, but as far as I’ve got
That shit made you hate me… wasn’t even bout you
But I get it; I’m an immature hound too

Forget what everybody says; you’re mine, I’m yours
Before, I used to be so blind
But now I really get it; you’re the best thing that’s ever been mine
Listen to my words baby, listen to my rhymes

Baby, listen I’m just spitting shit, you know what the difference is?
You say that you can’t live with it. Really? Why you quitting it?
Forget about the differences, forget about the flaws
Cause it all will be gone like nothing happened at all

Like nothing happened at all
And the cause to all of what was wrong is gone
You would like that, right? Please just stick around
I really don’t have much, but your crown will be endowed

I swear to you that I’m changing, really
I’m sorry for all the other shit you’ve been dealing
Please, all I ask is for one more chance
I still love you and I still mean that

Can we pretend like nothing happened at all? Like what me and you had one month ago came back? Like no feelings were hurt and no thoughts were lost at all? Remember when I first confessed to you how I feel? Remember the words I said when I wanted you to be mine? Remember all of our conversations, both cute ones and funny ones? Can we just have it all back?
But wait
Before that happens, I need to change. I need to fix who I am for you and for myself. I need to be perfect like you. I need to learn how to live my life with only the necessities like you. You are my jaan, my beautiful, my princess and most importantly, you are my role model
You’re my role model. You are the epitome of perfection and I love that about you. And here I am sitting like the sap I am. Getting stoned and not paying attention to my surroundings
Why can't I become more like you?
I'll still try my hardest
I'll try my hardest to achieve your version of perfection
I will make sure that it seems like nothing happened at all

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