ISO Alexander - MICHITEXAFLAWDA [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: ISO Alexander
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Intro (The Soulhead Jones Band):
Sound like a... Tennis racket to a old blanket my nigga
Pillow with the stuffing ripped out

[Verse 1: The Soulhead Jones Band]

Itachi Itachi I'm all in your village my cloak is Akatsuki
You should’ve totoed your Dorothy thats why you no roll with Kakashi
You tried to leifa Hinata and that makes you no Uzumaki
I'm trying to give Mononoke a baby and no one can stop me
Shout out to ISO for dropping this feature
Flawda the mecca thats why I see Freiza
Cooler is cooler and Cold is the King
But you spar with a Saiyan and Broly a beat ya
Yes or no
I been dope wit a bike young Tetsuo I been bike to the stop sign jet to go I Bruce Lee to the stop sign jet couldn't see us

You stick to ballin if you feeling Krillin then talk to Akira
Eustace is baldin if you feel your Courage is lioness you should go talk to a Kira
Just for your pride if you singing Hakuna Matata you not no Mufasa you Simba
Looks like I'm going Goku vs Android 13 at the end to get through to you niggas
Eighbody askin me
"Damn boy why you got your pants rolled up?"
Country boy stance and my hair so what
With a white t-shirt and my hands thrown up
Wing tips on the tips of my Vans sho nuff
Probably outside chilling barefoot can't hold a candle to bruh
Jim Crow take a nigga rights when the feds show up but we probably finna duck when the Confederate flags on trucks
Let me hands through bruh
For the heads roll and buddy's a android
Yes pop taught me the Bess
And momma thought we'd a move
And ISO did the rest hollering out
I believe in Abilene
APK to that OCO
Tampa water
Dirty as shit
Ki sawyer kept me cold

[Chorus: ISO Alexander]

Michigan straight down to Texas then Florida(8x)

[Verse 2: ISO Alexander]

Told myself that I would stay away from trap beats. But I grew up in Texas so thats me
Can't fight the feel, I like the trill. Favorite color ain’t red but I'll bite the pill
Flush it down with alcohol, feeling numb when the sight is real
Rotten Bananas ain't too good for my appeal, probably wouldn’t even sign if I liked the deal
Michigan straight down to Texas then Flowda
We don’t even do this shit for a quota
But others rappers sound like they need diplomas
Still these Adam Sandler’s won't even grow up
Kill em all, no life, in a flash, strobe light
Will I ball like Mike, is 'Ye On Sight?
Do I have insight? You even catch the double?
Play action tossed to Jones with no huddle
TD dance, hope I don’t get fined
Cause a minutes worth a dollar and I don’t got time
Since Spinning with no flow makes an EF-5
I made Irene go and change her mind
Such a hawk, on point, number 4, Im a legend
Moving through the word so good like a reverend
Black light, get glow from the flow, what a blessing
Detroit, LE, Orlando straight reppin’


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