Izuna - Shadow Master x 40 oz Refill [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Izuna
Album: Ouroboros
Data wydania: 2013-12-24
Gatunek: Rap, Hip Hop
Producent: Izuna

Tekst piosenki

[Produced by Izuna]

[Verse 1]
Colder than Alaska
Boy i got a flask of
Immortality potions so go and pour your glass up
Fuck the world face down ass up
The snakes hang among us until the fucking grass cut
Whores will drain you till you down to your last buck
Going for the win because i had enough of bad luck
Bastard, bow down to the shadow master
I'm much faster, while you gasp with asthma
You gashed up bad from back slaps with glass gloves
I know y'all hear me like "yo Izuna that's tough"
Bruce lee on loose leaf the weak is like "who's he?"
Before I get to stomping give em options to choose feet
Just to prove that I'm a real cool dude see?
Dropping shit like laxatives in a goose fleet
Feel the pressure like underneath two moose feet
Feel pressure like underneath the deep blue sea
We out here, taking nail clippers to bare nipples
Destroying any terror era with surface to air missiles
I'm twisted enough to disrupt a motherfucking funeral service
Like i'm pissed, pick up an overflowing urinal and throw it
Like a mortar so the funeral goers scream like the outro to Otis
Antarctic ocean i told you that i'm the coldest
Chaos is the motive crushing throats is the Modus
Operandi, turned up off candy when i wrote this
So ferocious and potent at any moment i focus...
Lucid dreaming when izuna sleeping
Searching ruins for elusive reasons
Fire breathing like a hookah steaming
Nastier than poop and semen
Harder than a tube of cement
Reclusive hibernating through the stupid loop of seasons
Awaken with the red eyes to show you who's the demon

[Verse 2]
It's the daemon of the hate mail
So much work you could weigh it on eight scales
Young Narutard bars scared sparring with the eight tails
Spitting that halal raw carving from a steak meal
Armed robber on a car chase who escaped jail
Freer than a great whale
Rapping like a monster sipping lava and just ate nails
Making things to hang you from a motherfucker's entrails
Powered up like Solidus
Solid hits get deposited
Stomp em into a pile of shit
As soon as a coward balled his fists
Now he's all over the floor bawling and just apologizing
Caution or this God will leave you left in coffins coughing without oxygen
Driving a jalopy, couldn't care what the mileage is
Shootin' rockets out the roof Decepticon Transformer shit
Modern Broadsword bard spitting barbed words you should call it quits
Bahamut fire spitting from the vocal orifice
Izuna curb stomp battle rap it's all politics
That red button in an Oval office type knowledge the
God ruler
Raw schooler
Broad hotter than Azula
I'm ze Eisen faust Kazuya
Calling out all shooters
Can it like raw tuna
Butcher em like Abdullah
Wander in these plaid Pumas
Confident wrongdoer
They bite it like Dracula
Hit 'em with that bazooka
Invade em like paratroopers

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