J Hus - GRM Daily Rated [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: J Hus
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

J Hus, young daily rated
Hustla Baby
Oh My

(Verse 1)
Bad B, I make her hold my beater
Body looking like a brick of cociena
Yo, half white, half Jamaican
She phones my line whenever
She spots a paigon
Ooh, She's my ride or die
Her body make em say oh my, oh my
Wrist looking all Michael Kors
Her body make a nigga take time and pause
Yo, In the party
Lemme get down
Shit gets popping, all my Niggas get down
Go round there
Everybody get down
I never eat the pussy
But them other Niggas get down
What? A yo my yout'
You can't eat pum'pum and try draw my zoot
No way, A yo my yout'
You can't eat pum'pum and try draw my zoot
Big fat tool everywhere I go
I'm a cool guy
But they say I'm psycho
I'm in the Volkswagen
Banging out Jhene Aiko
They claim they're bad
But they're telling lies though
Moving loose with the one pop
Like I'm on something
If I miss the first time
Then Imma gun buck him
Trust me, I ain't playing no games
Ask them boys
I ain't saying no names
Don't at me on twitter
Talking bout you don't like me
I beg you grow some balls and come find me
Ride outs, that's the shit you're not used to
Real bad boys, never comment on YouTube
Rappers wanna warn me
They ain't got no fire
Face getting bait
So I roll with the blow drier
You weren't there when I was having my hard days
Who banged shots in front of African Marj's?
Wait hold up, I swear that was Juju jay?
I don't know, I can't lie fam
I couldn't say
But he's moist, How'd you know?, I just heard
Why spread rumors, come and buck me you nerd
Gun powder on my jacket
I still wore it the next day
Vouch for myself
I give a fuck what the rest say
These Niggas only trappers on a weekend
Hate me, I got you're favourite rappers
In my DM's
Paigons had me ducking
The last time I left my ball at home
Now Twenty-Fours, I'm with my tools
I never roll alone
I got a thousand rivals
Still I couldn't fear none
Ride on me, I leave my shank in your air drum
I rid a hundred times
I ain't caught nobody
That's why Juju Jay still ain't caught no bodies
Well, I can't lie
Man will ball a couple nobody's
Them man are fuck boys
Me, I'm one of the top boys
All these Niggas turn fake as the time goes by
All I need, all I need is my ride or die
We got a bond, I never knew we had
She keeps my big fat shank in her Louis bag
Uh, She fell in love with the Hus
Uh-Uh, I'm the one that she trusts
J Hus on the speakers
Any time that we touch base
Buss Gun, buss juj, then we buss case
Don't panic, don't panic

(Verse 2)
I can't lie I'm a sucker for a pretty face
Bad B, thick thighs and a mini waist
When she needs that loving
I can hear it from her tone
I call her my diamond
She's from Sierra Leone
They say I'm no good
Imma prove you're friends wrong
Who would have thought
You'd fall in love with an ex-con
She never wanna know me
When I was bruck and poor
She's my home girl
But now she want something more
Them Niggas watching me
Why they watching me?
Like my nigga won't use that beater
You're girl be watching me
Yeah she watching me
And she be like who's that geezer
I said this already
I don't really spit game
I tell her they call me J Hus
That's my nickname
She said stop
You ain't gotta say this
I got all your songs on my playlist
Hustla Baby

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