Jay Spade - Mic Control (Control Freestyle) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jay Spade
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

What's a king to a God?
What is a human to the king of the skies?
You think you live?
You think you're built for living this life?
Spit on the mic, your top five hot rhymes
I'll shit on'em twice
You're losing your mind and validity, Kendrick
Truthfully, how the fuck is you the king of my city, Kendrick?
Told new niggas don't get involved
But I'm a New York nigga with hostility, Kendrick
Now I guess I gotta show niggas
My flows iller than most niggas
I will not lose, quote Jigga
Time is Money..And you'll never get an hour back
That's what Styles P said
The weed's lit *puff puff* I'm at it again
Attacking the track
Assassin when I'm grabbing the pen
Rappers getting stabbed in the neck
I'm passed what a veteran is
A living legend, don't compare me to him
I'm a lyricist, take a little bit of BIG
Little bit of Jigga, Slim, Nas, Jadakiss
With a bit of Styles, Outkast & Big Pun
Mix'em all up, I'm the one!
I'm an artist slash arsonist
Bar structure marvelous
It's Jay Spade, I'm Rap's architect
Slash, I'm still the same nigga that'll spit in ya face
I still hate rappers, cause most niggas is fake
I'm a motherfucking champion..
These rappers sleeping on me..
Its like my competitions on ambien
Y'all better wake up, cause Spade has arrived
And I got enough bars to lock the state up
Whoever said that you only live once is a liar..
I was a dragon in my past life
That's the reason why I'm spitting fire
It's why every time I go in the booth my flow melt wires
Lyrically, you ain't on my caliber, I'll damage ya
You a bitch like Queen Of The Ring battlers
I'm feeling like I'm the illest
My mission is killing gimmicks while spittin' the realist visions
Niggas try to mimic, and fail epically, my flows amazing
Often imitated, Spade is never duplicated
Several different levels to murder an instrumental
Wordplay, Metaphors, Rhyme schemes and Multi-syllables
When I step in the booth
My attitude is fuck everyone, I'm better than you
If I said it you could set it in stone
It's the heir to the throne
I smoke 7 blunts and get in the zone
Who you know spit flows, rip shows and get hoes
Better than ay'body rapping in ya zip code
You ain't gotta like me, but you better respect me
I don't start beef, Motherfucker I end it!!
Silence isn't silent..
My thoughts be louder than words
So I hear the most noise when it's quiet..
Still waters run deep; Like my mind
Quiet people are often very thoughtful
And I refuse swimming in shallow waters
You dudes living in my shadow want to battle, getting slaughtered
This is more than music!
H.T.S this is more than just a movement
This is Hip-Hop and this culture needs improvement
I.M.C? no, I am He
Lyrically put the beats on any wanna-be emcees
Who wanna be the first to bleed
I could spit a verse with ease
Gasoline flow, burn you'z to the third degree
Flame-spittin' your lame gimmicks, Spade's different
Fake niggas, snake's slither, I'm name flippin'
Dumb Assumptions, Real Egotistical
Does Anybody Real Even listen to you?
Dumb Ass Rapper, Epitomized
Don't Act Real, Exemplify it
Don't Act Really Eccentric
You should've listened to kendrick
Now this is Mic Control, Check 1-2-1-2
That's just the borough I'm repping
Heard about them 12 bars, I ain't even offended
Heard I had'em paranoid, my flow's a lethal injection, but
I don't start beef, Motherfucker I end it!!

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