Lil Cuete - So You Wanna Be A Gangsta [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Lil Cuete
Gatunek: Pop

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Tekst piosenki

So you can keep on hatin' keep hatin' what I do*
But i know that you like it, you know you like it to...
-Drop of the first hook-
So you wanna be a gangsta wanna be a Ryda
Say you rollin hard but ya really not a soldier
Say that your a playa but ya gettin played on
Stuck up in the game ye while get my pay on...

[Verse 1:]
I won't stop and you know it too
Look at all the bull shit I've been through
Got anotha minute wanna bring you down
Hit it I'mma say it how you like me now
Hate it cause they all wanna be like me
Cause alotta women wanna be wit me
Down to pull the track back until the end
Runnin' a muck on a daily
Locoz clique and I'm crazy
Takin' flipz witcha lady
Talk ya shit you can't phase me
Got anotha pen i can overload
Flick up on the pen when I let it go
9-0-6-5 till the "o"
Can't nobody sing it when I'm in the zone
I don't really know what it really is
To be streets since they were kids
Open ya kid hope they come out
Only get crazy with homies around
Know on these streets no more delays
You know that i really know so many ways
You ain't the same you just a lame
Tryin' to stay up in this game...

[Hook (2x):]

[Verse 2:]
A shame of an enemy
I though he was a friend of me
I gotta get a little better marijuana
Yea you wanna come and get it
I'mma make ya fill the pain
A psycho, I'mma reload and I'm leavin you insane
I'm leavin' a blessin' of daisy's
I'm sobbin' and stackin' the roses
I chill like a fo' when I'm blazin
I'm cooler than cold than my flow is
How many elderly victims
How many more will I get
I'm tellin' my parters go sick em
I'm blasted all up on my neck
I'm true to the game, true to the streets
True to my lyrics and true to my beats
Cause every time that I'm bumpin' a rhyme
I'm makin' it sure everything is in line
Your future is gold but your still a new
I do what I do I ain't got shit to prove
Else you know what I am talking about
Have no remorse when I'm taking em out
Runnin' your mouth don't know the rules
Fucking with cuete then your gunna lose
If your in my shoes
I bet they un-do's, thinkin that...

[Hook (2x):]
Verse 3-
Who in the fuck do you think that you are
Can't see me from close can't see me from far
Im rippin it up like if its hellas guitar
Now you know why people call me a star
Keepin it loaded inside of my pocket
Papers so big that it spitz like a rocket
No one can bring it the way that i drop it
Go and keep hitting but your gunna stop it
Bringin the shit that you never come at it
Compare me to you then im labled the baddest
Im leaving em fucked up and rapped up in bandages
If you couldent handle this why dont you candle it
Know that im bringing the heat(heat)
Knocking you off of your feet(feet)
The cuete can never be weak(weak)
Ill put you to bed when you sleep(sleep)
Your taking and blowing your actions
Make an example turns to ashes
Leaving them cacheous
All that im askin keepin it crazy gangsta fashion
Its the one and only ese little gun up in the mix
Serving the shit you think you dont bun

[Hook to Fade:]

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