Marvin - JDZMedia Elite Sessions [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Marvin
Data wydania: 2013-03-16
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Fucking hell im twenty one
Before im forty two it won't be very long
Next i feel a popsicle
They'll take me to hospital
I know it seems impossible
But ill be burried, gone
So anything you've ever done
Dont regret it none
Theres no time that goes by
By the second don
And as it goes by
Your folks die
Cause they getting on
But dont cry
I won't lie
It does your head in don
So stay close to your special ones
And let em know just how you feel
No pressure on
But they won't be there forever don
Apreciate the piece of cake she puts effort on
Apreciate the bed and breakfast with the pepper on
Apreciate the way she fucks it up and gets it wrong
And when its friday and your boys ask what you're getting on
The little things you're gonna miss i can bet it don
Cause shit changes in a flash
The next thing you know you got babies and a flat
And five pound a hour's being paid into your bank
But the hours dont weigh up you feel like raging with a shank
Instead you walk round and shake eachothers hands
But theres a billion people that are making other plans
Little niggas starving that are weighing just a gram
As they watch thier mother struggle with thier baby brothers pram
So if you've never had the upper hand
And i dont even mean broke fam i understand
But its normal for the time that we're living in
But the time that im giving is never took for grant
Ive calmed down so much from a younger man
Sometimes i think about the things ive done to man
And i dont feel sorry for them niggas
Left them horribly disfigured but that was the old marvs
Theres been such a transformation
S'like i have to tell a man suck your nan
Cause everybody thinks you're on steds cause you am
I thought i'd grab a one bench fuck it dan
Now they think that i gone hench that im sussing fam
You're just blaitenly a pussy fam
Went gym, tryna stretch skin but you couldn't damn
So now anybody that you see
With the body that you fiend
You're convinced that they took a jab
And i don't really drink now but as a younger lad
I drank more fards then a russian has
I notice people recognise me on the bus and that
So you might see me nod my head to a couple chaps
Its like they think cause i bust a track
That its wierd to see me in a shop buying bubble bath
But im just like you, i used to skyve off school
Bun a fag climacools and i used to always play with bubble wrap
Now i got enough bars to fill a duffel bag
And i let em off quick like i've had a double tap
From a new comer ive always stepped it up the fact
Man hope that i've reached my climax like the usher track
But me im never gonna slack
I up the levs, above the rest like its nuthin cazh
Left half my city bitching like a woman has
Sending and pretending that im just as whack
But im way above them man to the fullest fact
They find me difficult to pass cause im pulling tracks
Im not invincible you fag
Im just a naughty chap
--------- DJ pull it back
Used to hustle crack now i bust a track
Started bussin lax got a muscle back
--------- bit of mussle that
Niggas sucking on a fag in the struggle trap

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