Sketch - Only [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sketch
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Cirkut, Dr. Luke, JMIKE, R. City, HBM
Tekst: Sketch, Aaron Johns, Mortality Effect)

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1] Sketch:
Yo I don’t fuck bitches just to fuck bitches
Cuz then trust me man I’d have enough bitches
And what difference is enough difference?
I just want a bitch who sucks dick and does dishes
And I’m-feeling a feeling of parody
Why are these bitches so scared of me?
I’m impaired to be when apparently I’m impaired
Or at least getting impaired with me blow smoke in the air with me
Nah nah nah can’t touch that
Roll another blunt and puff that
They ask where my fucks at
Middle finger in the air like fuck that
Damn, any ex that I’ve had then I hope you know that you dead to me
If it cost you your life I’d a tossed up a dime and I wouldn’t let you give head to me
Y-you the player I’m the referee
You outta here don’t sleep on it you ain’t getting in bed with me
You wanna get high but you ain’t heavenly
You wouldn’t be as high as me if you were on ecstasy
Bitch, I ain’t riding around with you in the car with cops out
Bitch, I ain’t riding around cuz I can’t ride around no cop out
Uh there’s a lot of stuff that I crossed off of that bucket list
But I just can’t keep doing all of it cuz life’s a bitch so fuck a bitch
Here’s a verse one thing that you can’t take from me
From back when I started all of you were hating me
Still haven't given it my all but tuned you to stay with me
Cuz I ain’t trying too hard til’ you start paying me, peace

[Hook]: Chris Brown

[Verse 2] Aaron Johns:
Yeah, most emcees be the commonest
But I’m the one you don’t really want a problem with
Halifax on the track how I’m bombing it
And we brought it sick while you called it quits
Let’s go, people always tell me “Insomniak was too good” right?
Sketch put me on and I wrecked on his song, apologize like I should right?
Feel no shame when I speak with ease
Fifteen spitting out a sixteen clip
Bet ya turn vegan after beef with me
Get green rolling with the shit he spit
Man, every rapper says they're a dying breed wanna rhyme with me
But I’m afraid not
Definition textbook Irony wanna fly with me
Be in the same flock
You say “Idols” I say “Rivals”
You got Vitals I got Rifles
When I get to whip it up no survival, an eyeful
And we’ll never give it up cause the title is vile
Get ya mic hand all tore up right
Clown rap kids wanna war on sight
Give em’ fang and a flame and they scoot with ease
Ain’t a game that I play when I shoot the breeze
So cold off the dome no ALS
We gotta do what we do just to pay our debts
Pulling up any day then ya gone kid
Rollin’ up hit the J like Solange did
Sick with the shit each time that he flow
Young in the game but he sound like a pro
Me killing shit three times in a row
Forever on the track but you already know

[Hook]: Chris Brown

[Verse 3] Mortality Effect:
I got your girl on her knees tryna catch in her mouth, it couldn’t become my offspring shit
Was that too far too hard of a bar could she lick it up like frosting bitch?
I really don’t care what you think I’m thinking I’m nice as fuck and I’m flaunting it
And I don’t talk shit I just talk truth when it’s about you it happens to be talking shit
Because you suck, you suck, you suck more dick than I thought possible
And I’ll make ten mil before I’m twenty-five, I’m that phenomenal
And I'm ??? now more than a couple women are tryna take advantage
Would say that I'm great they others say I'm fantastic
Let's agree to disagree why argue semantics?
God damn boy it's good to be back
Lighting up the blunt if you bitches wanna match
I wish a rapper would hit me with a diss track
Just so I could hit em' back with a click clack uh!
And this shit is just practice, wit sharp like a cactus
And I break the beat it (Like what?) like a fucking used mattress
And I got the crowd jumping up jumping up like Joe Jackson gym class
And this is lyrical fallout boy you better get your stimpaks
What you know about this M.Effect real shit bitch blow me
And I had to grace the beat cuz we know it's me and it's real rap only

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