STS9 - Possibilites (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: STS9
Album: Artifact: Perspectives, Sleepyheads II: Classic Combos
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: STS9

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro] [Mr. Lif talking]:
Yeah, pardon me dawg. I just wrote the end of this piece in the whip. Hoping to get this shit together

[Verse One] [Mr. Lif]:
I've been stressed out, pensive with a lot on my mind
Funny how my life revolves around writin' a rhyme
If the ink's flowin' I smile
The writer's block will make me go wild
I'm somewhere in between now
Semi-sane, tryin' to explain my chronicle in nautical miles
Hallucinate land yet I stand to drown
Try to touch intangibles, my life story
Holograms I chase, my footsteps erase without a trace
Saught my history and step back a pace
Into the past, have I arrived at understand at last?
My opinion changes, ranges over strangers
Manifested my quest through brief exchanges
Something you can cherish
A part of me, got it partially
Through artistry, world hard in me
Jaded, infiltrated by the unsacred
Reminiscing on the waters where I once waited
Waited for epiphany but got distracted
By interactive
Factors as they interacted
Corruption, destruction
Finance shatter romance
Rose up to crush love then
Somewhere between holocaust and union, was a lost illusion
That was often moving
It was rumored through apostles ruins
It saw me in limbo and passed the info
Regrettably declined cause I'm tryin' to keep it simple
Nimble was my mind at an earlier time
Dragged down by the elements of precious design
As I walk past, I gasp, took a sad look back
Another lost opportunity and panic attack

[Hook] [STS9]:
I wonder why they never try to tell me
I wonder why they never try to show me
I've been strugglin'
I've been strugglin'

[Verse Two] [Mr. Lif]:
I got the look and the feel of an old soul
Standing over a loved one who's cold
Body lifeless
Tears pour in disbelief
How could this be brief?
So vibrant
Visionary inspirin'
Dealt one of may cards issued by God
The pendulum swings with uncalculated odds
Then it's over
Slumped on the floor by the sofa
Snatched away just as I was gettin' to know ya
We were growin' closer
My mom loved you dearly
I see clearly
As your loss is mourned yearly
Dark holidays set aside hollow ways
And return the essence of one's core
Before we return to our routines once more
Caught up in those gears that's grindin'
Your lifetime's book has unusual binding
So easy to find when
Walkin' hallways of oppression
Strollin' past emotions in question
The unmanaged never leave a soul undamaged
It's just tarnished, dressed in garnish
Try my best to be honest, while I'm lyin' to myself
While I'm cryin' to myself
Tears without moisture, infected with composure
Leave nothin' to wipe but spite
Looks like I'm in for another night where the sun never rises
It's much brighter when I close my eyes just
Inhale, exhale, make plans
Watch time wrinkle young hands
Try my best to reach young fans
Make my moms and my pops smile
I can't be reached so I'm shuttin' off my phone now
Maybe you're that void I'm tryin' to fill
Lately I've been so unsettled I'm ill
I guess there's somethings that no one can ever describe
Best left to interpret as a part of our lives
So cryptic it dies
With the owner of a scroll that will never unfold
Written on the palace walls that were lavish with gold
And so
I wish you with sincerity, eternal peace
And I shall rise up to conquer my infernal grief
I got the number from that girl you wanted to know
She lives up on Lake Street, 1-6-0


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