Truck North - Out There [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Truck North
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DJ Premier

Tekst piosenki

Is anybody out there?
I hope He heard my prayers last night
It's gettin' cold
The streets we know
Is anybody out there?

[Verse One]:
It's like a jungle sometimes
Circus within us
A motion picture worth a million bars, I'm no beginner
My poppa taught me to go hard, physically thinner
The number on my soul is old, it shine and shimmers
Glows like ? and gold cause God is in us
Elevate the game, sittin' on hoops like Michael Bivens
It's automatic
The devil calls it magic
Nah this ain't no Harry Potter more like Garvey and Assata
Tussle with wicked warriors from Africa to Georgia
Watts to Copenhagen, slaughter pagans up in Persia
Kids doin' bids ? on every corner
? paparazzi smile and you might get shot
My favorite uncle all my life, yeah he smoked crack rock
My granny cried up to Heaven, she would beg him to stop
The streets is cold hearted, fuck pullin' my pants up
Hands stuck together hope them prayers get answered

[Verse Two]:
Yo, city high like Pluto
The beat of my flow gonna kill like Judo
I'm Iron Mike and y'all Frank Runo
Give it to anybody, I'm hombre uno
A star at an early age, just like Menudo
Feared in the Octagon, similar to sumo
You know
Elevator finest, primest, remind this
Take it from your highness
Give me the rock
Shaq in the key
Hottest in the arena, nigga 3 R.D
Eye of the tiger
Build an empire
Bow to your sire
City never tire
I've been a boss, I hire and fire
Scorchin' hot, like the flame on a lighter
Every verse that I drop is a classic
The hardest nigga walkin' till they drop the casket

[Verse Three]:
It's like the coming of a king
Till nine months later a prince hits the scene
Now we, smokin' all the weed, drinkin' all the Patron
Askin' me what it means like Natron
Son, I've been on this shit since day one
Y'all niggas pipe down, I'm finna say somethin'
North side of town where they keep the stainless
Make you put your hands up on some hip hop hooray shit
I'll put the blade to your fade like a facelift
And that's just on some every other day shit
Burnin' both ends of the candle, I stay lit
Just me, girls on my Wii, tryin' to stay Fit
I maintain my high like a spaceship
Pure dope, nothin' stepped on, you can taste it
And I laced it
Yeah they still hate it
Cause when I rock I shine like a Beacon no Mavis

[Verse Four]:
This is something for the fiends to get 'em higher
We takin' over the corn as we your new supplier
Yeah, I get high on my own supply
Cause everybody else shit don't get me that high
There's quality, I got quantity
My boys push it in too, see we all gon' eat
Call me Marlo, whether our flow
Nino Brown
Where the beats go down
You heard about it
So you come around cause you want some of that
One hit, whoo!
You'll be comin' back
Hold on a second, I hear money callin'
Business is 24, no night or mornin'
People need this treatment, no chemo shit
Chopped, raw, uncut, Primo shit
I got enough for the world
Ounces and dimes
K-9's can't smell it it's hidden in my rhymes

[Verse Five]:
I said hip hop
Started out in the heart
And then it trickled down to Forrest Park
It's Diggy city Black Smitty, Shotty T in this bitch
Before the show, couple shots
Hot tea in this bitch
We hit the stage like a comet invasion
Fuck a nigga sayin' he can blaze ya
He ain't down with P.A. and
I'm so proud to be a black man I can't explain it
Everybody wanna be a nigga till the pain hit
They all wanna sag they pants, like the slaves did
Wanna pump they fists all the way to they arraignment
Wanna be black till them cops turn them sirens on
Pullin' out their fire arms, fantasy is up and gone
Permanent tan can't leave me
Follow the leader if you slaves wanna be free
But make sure you ain't walkin' with the blind man
This for my niggas work 9 to 5 and 6 to 10
This for my women raisin' kids without no effin' man
Cause if you bust a nut and bounce you ain't no effin' man
Worst enemies, best friends next of kin
It's goin' down 2010 till the world end

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