12Block - Code Red [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: 12Block
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: E-Motion-L Productions

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Tekst piosenki

{Verse 1: ?)
I'm representing the posse
Banging red on the block
So don't date a flag, a white that shit can get you a shot
And don't think we small time, we been killing for year's
Yo, all my homies up in ? shedding tattoo tear's
Now, this is the real G's, We lock you six feet deep
But we been making the change cause 12 block's in the street
We been raising the crime like its the Mafia days
So if you try to set me up, you better multiply the way's
Me and ID come quicker than you can hide
Cause Indian posse done hooked up with Native pride
Now we're getting off cream from the cops on the parole
Homicidal, on every corner with no need to lay low
So when you come to my hood, just make sure you throw it up
If you ain't reppin' my clique, you'll find yourself fucked up
Cause we be banging the color you bleed, I know you ain't fucking with me
You closer than you will see, you got murdered by Killer B's

{Hook: ?}
It's Code Red Muthafucka! what! X8

{Verse 2: ?]
I'm bringing heat, letting everybody know that Hell's hot
I got so many bars that they be calling me cell block
Remember your vest, so that we be making a mess
The only sliver you'll be wearing is a bullet in ya chest
You going to be getting laced like the shoes in your feet
You're coming though the game when their ain't no time to retreat
So we going let the Pit bull out to come get all ya cats
Cause their ain't no seven dogs, we ain't respect no reps
So I'mma do this string without no questions to be asking ya
Cut ya ass up, remake the chainsaw massacre
You know when we be coming up, we about win
Putting holes in muthfuckas, but I ain't no syringe
That's the truth it ain't a deal, I'm leaving all you bitchs scared
All it take's is one blow to see the shadow is there
So take seat and stay calm, while code code red
Fuck milk, I'mma put'cha on the new's instead

{Hook: ?}
It's Code Red muthfucka! What! X8

{Verse 3: ?}
If you ever cross my path, show respect to the red
Cause my MAC-9 is loaded and I'm aimed at ya head
Make a wrong move, and my gun's go squeeze
And hit a red shell, homie, you die when you breath
I play the game for keeps, ain't no time for mistakes
Guaranteed you going down, hell, gun powder taste
Real mean with the gun, while supporting the fiends
Been banging on the set since I was thirteen
Being a gangster was my dream
Now, I'm living the life
Burning any white flag on the end of my nine
Dough boy's seen the talent
He's the structure and malice
I'm the king of the streets
Sent away from the palace
Drug block makes money anyway that we can
Cause we rep for Indian Posse like a Football fam
9 millis, AKs, both Gauge and MAC-11s
Is my weapons of choice to send an S to heaven

{Hook: ?}
It's Code Red muthfucka! what! X8

{Outro: ?}
This is who we be
Straight OG's X4

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