1-3 The Jinx - Creepshow [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: 1-3 The Jinx
Album: Creepshow
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Boonie Mayfield

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Tekst piosenki

I'm back from the dead, your head on a plate
Body Decomposing; "I want my cake!"
Beast from the crate, released by the skeptics
Now rappers are getting murdered, and beats are getting ate
Blood bath central, you freeze and you shake
Praying that you're asleep, I believe you're awake
Terror in your eyes, trying to compromise;
Denying the inevitable, there is no escape
Because nobody can help you, nobody can save you
The grave's too deep, I don't think you will be able
To make it out alive, but we'll see though
This is 1-3 welcoming the creatures to "The Creepshow"
Yeah, I grab the mic and begin to jam
A rap demon that was summoned from a pentogram
Yup, I cause distress when I'm cutting up
Only because I have the caress of Edward Scissorhands
I left my mother looking like Carrie's mom;
13 knives up in her body and in her hands
Then, left my school looking like Carrie's prom:
On fire, full of blood, and hella corpses in the stands
The G. Romero of rap, my bite is infectious
Taste for the flesh of mc's with a deathwish
Coming at you like some carnivorous roaches
To guarantee you will be fleshless before breakfast
Now tell me what's for lunch?
Finish off the bones with a satisfying "crunch"
You a motherfucking dunce
Trying me is the equivalent of fucking trying to fight fire with a punch
So go ahead, light another blunt
Pass another square, shit you only die once;
Just to burn for eternity, and I ain't finna front
It sounds like fun, man fuck ya'll cunts. With
Several machetes, I'm ready to watch some heads roll
Spitting all fire, my tongues covered in petrol
Never should have started this, I'm the king of Tartarus
Pain is like an art, I'm just trying to torture your dead soul
Bad incarnate, spazz retarded
So sick I might make you a tad bit naseous
So savage, you should be a tad bit cautious
I will bury you niggas in black magic, coffins
Souls in possession, funeral processions
You witnessing decay is only showing my progression
Who's pulling the strings? It shouldn't be a question
My curse verses the furthest thing from a blessing
You are roadkill. "Thanks for the ride."
Black in the heart, blank in the mind
Already dead, yet trying to survive
I have arrived, HIDE
Because nobody can help you, nobody can save you
On the operating table, my flow too fatal
This blade is too sharp, and it cuts deep, ho
It's 1-3, welcoming you to "The Creepshow"

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