5iveheads - Trippy Vibe [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: 5iveheads
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Will Williams

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Tekst piosenki

[Produced by Will Williams]

Sit sitting so low wipe the blood from under my nose blowing smoke to the ceiling knocking ashes on the floor count the couches cigarette holes trippy vibe I'm in my zone light ignite and press go don't put up a fight just let go. [x2]

[Verse 1: Nasty]

Passion for the pipe it gives me big dreams pinching big bros weed at fifteen
Now I'm stuck on this couch writing sixteen's without a clue on my mind except tripping
Loose living give good vibes I'm a big believer in good times
So no bad highs in our spare time Denny dabs the acid on his hairline
Mr.Carroll's rules Mr.Carroll's rules they all apply even out of school
Johnny grabbed an 8th of them blue shrooms
Now I'm wide awake sipping orange juice
Trotting along the dark forest's roots with the ape from Oz and crash bandicoot
Sticky bandits to set up a camp and crew making loud noises busting dance moves
We don't care what y'all saying your rap sheet is so basic
Chubby chasing black out wasted in the Tree House or the basement
Feel amazing while I'm blazing never seen twenty-eight grams until grade ten
I was patient it all made sense body slumped feeling weightless
Saying fuck it though got to get up and go went to the track meet to see her touch her toes
Eating lunchables who doesn't fuck with those
Sally had four g's and blew it up her nose
She really something though never could get a grip
In a dark place with everlasting trips
No written scripts or hypocrites
Just teenage kids on they trippy shit


[Verse 2: JSUN]

Comatose from the smoke, breath in, then let it all go
Treason, if you're politicking while i try to leave the earth
No matter what the cost, my drugs always come first
Blow up. Never gave a fuck, what the whole world thinking
Got to find another fix, take a hit, poison flowing through my system. Exhale to enjoy my existence
Pink elephants make the clouds change color
Shapes of all design, hallucinate, heart flutters
Time stops, then accelerates around me. Tunnel visionary. Comprehend what you barely know
Shrooms' opened up my mind, followed by the dro
After effects got my eyes sitting low
Intensify the high by taking some more
Trip till i fall, from the sky to the floor

[Verse 3: Will Williams]

I been tripping for a minute
Red eyes seeing blue dreams so vivid
Like what is this type of vision
Had me feeling zoned out loose livin
Blurred eyes, slurred lines, and absurd rhymes
Kick back twist sacks and observe life
Wishing i could see it all through a telescope
Tryna stay afloat while the whole world getting low
But thats how the story goes
When your stuck on an acid trip
Get you mind fucked like a slut through the glory hole
You won't even know the half of it
Now thats some shit that most people find insane
Infecting my brain with this chemical strain
Head in the clouds but my toes on the floor
Mind moves when im sitting so low


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