5th Child - Grind Till I Die [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: 5th Child
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: 3rd Shift

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: 3rd Shift]
You know who it is man
It's the boy 3rd Shift a Cincinnati monster
Mr. Shit-on-your-favorite-producer
My model for the oh eight is no sleep
My man 5th about to get them and my man G-Eazy is about to split them

[Verse 2: 5th Child]
Ho, I run this and I don’t give a care about your flare or the dough or the team that you run with
‘Cause I’ve been on a roll since I made my first hundred
Anybody standing in my road to riches is getting done with
Fiending for the green, addicted to the skrilla
Since the lady with the wings put a quarter on my pillow
5th’ll do to beats what fat kids do to sweets
What you’re doing on a mixtape, I’m doing in the streets
Yessir, playing for keeps, dawg I’m sonning cats, running rap
Never seen defeat like my stomach’s fat, run it back
Gotta keep it southern, I am from the Jack
Brothas in the club chase a freak that can make her cheeks thunderclap
Proceed with caution or sleep in a coffin
I’m a walkin’ BOLO BOLO when it comes to this nonsense yep
Peaceful often. Rap beef is not an option
Unless niggas heads is blown up. Then we can get it poppin'

[Verse 3: G-Eazy]
Whoever said I ain't the realest must be autistic, that's ridiculous
I got bar style artistic and meticulous
I'm living this game on my back and 3rd Shift with us
We got an epidemic washing tip like syphilis
The team here this time there's no stopping me
To say he's next in line is quite possibly
In fact more of a prophesy
If you ain't getting dough well then go rhyme harder is my philosophy
I'm taking shits on rappers making a mockery
It's unavoidable I'm next it's no democracy
How you own three chains and no property
Homie you eating sloppily, I feast properly
I probably get charged with armed robbery
Pistols to the rap game
Come out of everything that you got for me
You can try there's no stopping me
I'mma rhyme till it's a casket and six feet of dirt on top of me

[Verse 4: 3rd Shift]
That's right nigga that's right nigga
Till the casket is on top of me baby
For [?] I'm going real hard
Like my man [?] said real hard in these bitch ass niggas
No sleep, I sleep when I'm dead
And until then I'm on the grind hustling
Trying to get it [?] baby
From the N-O to Cincinnati and to the bank to the D and everything in between
My bad 5th can't forget about Jackson
[?] 3rd Shift 2008 baby
Cincinnati monster
You know what, I'm changing my shit this year
Instead of Cincinnati monster, I'm Mr. Take-a-shit-on-your-favorite-producer
[?] and if not its a motherfucking crime, a felony and tear stains
3rd Shift

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