Above People's Expectations - Never Stop Us [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Above People's Expectations
Gatunek: Rap
Tekst: Dillon McCluskey, ATG The Don, Young Havoc, Ascended Sage, Reckkl3ss, Explicit Ills

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Reckl3ss]
So check it
For all y'all pretenders, fakers
Anybody that wants to hate us
I don't care, cause understand this
APEX is running this
Sun up to sun down
There's no other way around it

[Verse 1: Reckkl3ss]
With the anger I am full of, with a past that's left behind
The main thing that I try to find out, why the hell I waste my time?
When I couldn't shape myself, look deep, then behold
Just to find out the truth, Cloud 9 is in my soul
I was on my own, and no one else cared for me
And I had to fight, and only had to fight for me
Until one day APEX came and helped me rise
And I will not forget (APEX 'til I die!)

[Verse 2: Young Havoc]
No red lights, all systems go
Young Havoc in this bitch and then I'm 'bout to flow
Yeah, and it's the 17 year old phenom
And these bitches on my dick, matter fact I think I see your mom
Damn, and you know that bitch is a freak
She's like Young Havoc can I please get some fuckin' meat?
Yeah, and I will never be stopped
Bitches on my dick cause they love to stay up on my cock

[Verse 3: ATG The Don]
Treezy told me to swag out, try this one on for size
Claim my destiny like I already knew it, third eye
And music tatted so I guess I sealed my own fate
Retarted swag got the whole outfit on salivate
They helped the movement, way too fluent
Kimbo Slice the beat, yeah I straight bruise it
If I die today, remember me like John Lennon
Rep the APOD, the whole team, we winning

[Verse 4: Ascended Sage]
We the climax of this industry, times that by infinity
Yeah it's APEX or die that means we'll murder you viciously
Showing love to the fans, pay no attention to haters
Show no mercy to these weak rappers cause we the greatest
We on the road to riches bitch and your just a speed bump
Flag in my right pocket, bitch throw them b's up
We're your worst nightmare, got you rappers terrified
Bout to kill the competition, call it hip-hop genocide

[Verse 5: Explicit Ills]
Freight train, constantly in motion
Explicit Ills in the Ville causing this commotion
Silly niggas getting banged when they talking shit
Don't fuck with me, aka the kill switch
I'm coming in hard, not stopping 'til I'm home
I'mma keep moving chief I'm in the fucking zone
Team Snapback, bitch I'm self made
Bitches rolling with my crew, (ha) cause we getting paid
The money is the motive, no hurricane can stop us
You keep running it but faggot you can't even stop this
We steady mobbin', big balling is my hobby
My nigga you ain't shit but another dead body

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