A-Grade - We Been A Threat [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: A-Grade
Data wydania: 2013-10-19
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: LODEF

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Rebellion]
I'm sick of all these push backs
Feelin' like I'm outta place without a fuckin' kush pack
Need to relieve the stress, Mary keep me at my ease
So much pressure on my chest
I'm stuck within a deadly siege
What has taken hold of me?
Maybe it's a holy being seeing me synchronize my vocals with the symphony
Similes that symbolize secrecy they televise
Recognized by the people you describe as just that guy
Originality a factor, your fake facade is fuckin' odd
You frontin' fuckin' back up!
I ain't tight with no treason
I revolt the end result we fightin' for a reason
I had to conclude my decisions
If I'm takin' shots, I'm always aimin' with precision
Imma do me even if I'm different, just enjoy the life we livin'

[Hook x2 : Rebellion]
Music in my bloodstream like it a relative
Personas all natural, stayin' true to our elements
Sleepin' on our hustle, prescribed them relaxin' sedatives
Doubtin' capabilities, realistically we been a threat

[Verse 2: A-Grade]
Going on seventeen walking towards my dream
Unemployed and broke I was hustling for the cream
All I had was my fam and my team
Going through the same struggles, man it was as tough as it seems
Money was the motive and we were all some fiends
Legs are tired in these street torn jeans
And these busted up shoes
I was confused with life, but I knew what I had to do
No clues or hints the game is scary, but I was taught to never flinch
Shout out to the hustlers in Richmond
The hookers getting pimped
It's a hard knock life like we walking on a limp
So we get high as a blimp
Battled hardened minds we were not any wimps
Hungry for success starving for the lust
Always kept my mouth shut never fussed
Now you know my story so let me introduce myself
My name is Addi, but I go by A-Grade
I'm a hungry animal better feed me a plate
Before it's too late
Lyrically I am too great
Me rising to the top is destiny and fate meeting at heaven's gates
Charging through the scene like Antonio Gates
VA's my state
Richmond is my city it's a pity how I grew up gritty
My pops is busting his ass even after the age of fifty
Growing up shitty created a street mind too nifty
It was just me and my family, our squad
Had the mentality of a boss
But I was as broke as can be and that was an everyday loss
During school I would crucify other rappers and then put them on a cross
Hustling the green that was my first official job
I had to meet days end, my task barely accomplished
Everyday rap battling at school MC's would get demolished
Shining like shoe polish
I'm taking the fame leaving the crowd astonished
Shout out to K-Lone holding it down in college
Homeboy got the knowledge and chronic
Blowing up in this rap game like I'm Islamic
My bars are atomic
Reaching for the stars I'm not stopping till I'm reachin' the comets
My logic is exotic and toxic
Locking the rap game up you better call a locksmith
How ironic life is moving faster than sonic
Veteran to the game no where close to a novice

[Hook x2: Rebellion]

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