AHs - AHsIManDias [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: AHs
Album: Omega Man
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: AHs

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: aHs]
Uh, yeah
The God King
The Great and Powerful
Uh huh
Yeah, yo

[Verse 1: aHs]
You out the game homey, give it up and hand it here
I grab the mic just to make these suckers stand in fear
So put your hands where you can find the chandelier
I'm b-boy budget girl, making five grand a year
Wanted to be your summer catch and not your fall guy
Not bad for a four-eyed short fry
All eyes on the prize pig, I got a nice big
Mic, And it's pointed straight for your eyelid
So keep your eyes open, why? Because this life is big
I'm like an archeologist rock'n nice digs
My mic can slice wigs, been known to scalp cats
So run your jaw bone and watch me tear your mouth back
How's that for a visual aid?
Leave people physically grazed from a lyrical blade
And I, handle business to the best of my ability
Devastating like learning you suffer from infertility
If I'm the problem the solution is impossible
I say them type of lyrics constitutions wouldn't constitute
All you want is money? Then I'm saying you a prostitute
A decent judge of character, today I came to prosecute
Fossil fool rappers stay gassed up (Yup)
Never very bright until I light that ass up (Nope)
Yeah you going to blow because they hype you cats up
But when it all falls down you right back on stuck
I make no derivations, these rappers I'm steady slaying
Ain't nowhere to run, Mr. Petty is already waiting
Before I even spit I can see em already hating
But I run things rude boy and I ain't even Jamaican
So here's my demonstration, administer information
Like Professor Griff blessed with the gift of the presentation
Yes, a lot of people in power are Master Masons
It's a fact and not required that you use imagination
I get the information, I don't get the fascination
Guess I can't come to grips with it, something like masturbation
I know these rappers suck and I know I'm losing my patients
If they dope then China and Japan are running out of Asians
Leave your skin chaffing, rashes on the masses
Burn your body up and leave the ashes on your mattress
Take my CD and thumbtack it to your casket
Write "Art of Fact" on it, autograph it on the plastic
The rhymes are automatic, I'm not a violent rapper
But I leave you with more head shots than aspiring actors
More head shots than porn directors have recorded
Because you never should have rapped
In fact you should have been aborted
Yeah we ain't living in great conditions
Movers and shakers stay moving shakes and scraping dishes
I spit the sickest rhyme in the world to make it vicious
In Beverly Hills shooting stars just for making wishes
Because, the son of man blast you like the Son of Sam
A black man is not a son of Kham, read Zondervan's
And with the pen in my hand, I'll crush the entire Enneagram
I am Hebrew original man (Yeah)
Able, ready, and willing to bring the game back
Donovan Bailey even said we was on the same track
Professionally I make my enemies lay flat
Bandage emcees with my ace rap, lyrically stay strapped
Like a les' chick with a dildo, I kill flows
Stomp your face out with a steel toe
Yo, if you don't know by now then you will know
You try to stop my shine and I'll still glow
You were ill prepared
You cannot defeat the Great and Powerful
I'll chase you down with eight steak knives and devour you
Find me in the back room smashing up your mother's mother
It's Ludacris how I Lova Lova (Yeah)
I used to live in Decatur and disturb the peace
Nowadays I only kick the facts trying to hurt the beast
It's just the art of it, you'll never understand
Unless you part of it, but on the other hand
Once again, it's the adversary that's glad to bury
The imaginary using actual vocabulary
I map an area various people catching scary, glimpse
I clear the air of pimps until it's sanitary
I'm interplanetary plus I flow from coast to coast
I boast the most, I stalk around the block looking for foes to roast
Don't overdose because aHs exposed the most imposing raps
These concentrated rapper clones better go and post
A resume, I'm just a man in search of yesterday
I guess today will have to do for now let's see the next display
Get the picture twist the mixture up I crucifix your sister
Have your crew for dinner, grab the mic until my fingers blister
I think I missed the bus so I'mma bust a missing masterpiece
And keep it popping like an overheated vat of grease
Fat at least enough to bust a flow enough to never see their toes again
I tell the people standing in the frozen wind
I rock this Hip Hop vehicle to freedom
My mind stay strong like I was Nina Kulagina
Peron like Evita, crying for Argentina
And if you don't feel me you should get some larger speakers
Whack rappers say "Lord, not him again"
They'll never make it out of the hood like George Zimmerman
Eggnog pumps in your veins with more cinnamon sweet
They remind me of Prince but more feminine
Listen in, don't get your mom drop kicked
Trying to get fly like Daniel Son with chop sticks
I clock rhymes when I spit hotness, so my tick got a tick
But my tock is toxic, "Advanced Human Speech"
"Al-Tajuan Has Styles", "Amazingly Hot Songs"
And lyrically hostile, with a hundred bars for the boys and the girls
Because aHs is the energy that lights our world

Man genius
Uh, yeah
Spit like a mad thinker
Spit like a mad thinker
Quantum Mechanics
Able Danger
Omega Man
Yeah, yeah
Somebody go put the mic out
The mic was expensive

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