Android Nugam - Press Play [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Android Nugam
Album: Beginnaz Luck
Data wydania: 2014-05-04
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Kwest

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1:
UK- grimey
Androidius- blimey
Man I'm so hot factor 3000 is 1 iV
I'm a dwarf- Rhymey
Ballin- Nike
Walk up in the booth like ndaspakwa- ignite me
The Glocc shots make human crop tops
Android had better stop, and roll on em
Got a hold on em just like hot spots, with snow on em
Cocked locked fo' fo's on em
Slow mo flow on em
Gots to grow on em like old fros
On the heads of all those in Arkham City
This the origin of horridness within those who with me
Tryna get more hits than Chris, Riri forgive me
This is sickening- or maybe you're just sick of me
Dispicably dispatching of my enemies
With all of these lyrics, please
Distance yourself from me
Unless you're willing to cease to breathe
Remove yourself from my viscinity

Fresh out the stu, just wana kick it like a sensei
New year, new me. Android from Enkae
Rap list, in the blacklist like dembe
I stop rappers in they tracks and only i can press play

Verse 2:
I'ma start a movement, gangsigns and posters
Bring lyricism back, you weak rappers move over
All these punchline rappers need to give up and get gone
Or we coming for y'all rappers, we in the backyards of your homes
I swear this is lyrical disrespect that i am spittin
Screw the dance tracks that you droppin, man you cannot teach me anything
I ain't got time for your clowning around, im too busy spitting
On the mike, on your territory, your attempt to make a living
I just punch a couple lines in the stu' and make a killing
I swear i'd be banned from conversing if words had feelings
But i still them red All Stars with the beards though
And im standign next to them, im a monsterous weirdo
AAAAAHHHHHH- that means im scaring myself
Talkin to myself, i ain't hearin much else
On my rise from the bottom, the tops jus 1 of a couple stops
I'll keep on doin this till im a hiphop history name drop

Verse 3:
Dan, da da da : this is Swagman incarnate
Ballin with the chosen fam, this power can't be harnessed
So fresh i swear death could be caused by these garments
Layin' down for shade in the money trees we be farmin
Rollin round the city all day, we be Karmarin
Ring a ring a rosies, the Plague yeah we be dark as it
And i ain't talkin skin teams, i mean lyrical heartlessness
That's Androidius Maxxximus decapitating spartacus
Me crixus and ganacus attack perry the platapus
Drown him in half his habitat now talk about ambushing
Pockets on jurassicness, applause on rapturous
I'm the bane of your existance, ego bigger than the manner is
Swagger is a mannerism
Furious like banner's in him
Captain of the planet's fitness
Run this just like marathon winners
Noone could have planned this sickness
Go hard with them cancerous lyrics
Blow away both fan and critics
Attracting band wagonists

Verse 4:
The first time that i ever tried to right a rhyme it wasn't mine but i still felt the same pride that i feel now whenever i write a rhyme that inspires aww and surprise, or the current look in your eyes
When people like, 'damn, how'd you even come up with that stuff"
You on that pinata flow, man, thats just wack stuff
The rap game was gonna die, so i had to act up
Overtake these niggas and tell niggas to catch up
Y'all we gotta pull our socks up-tell me where them garters at?
Show these other suckers i'm the 1 noone goes harder than
Make em understand nothing can stop me when i start to rap
Took out EA Sports o you can see i'm kinda hard to match
Yo, i ain't got no fans yet cause im a new kid
But ima get some more when i start doin this big
Flow hypothermic, soon i be a cool kid
I won't stop till im flyer than Red Bull Wings
Im just like, oh. snap. android is a psychopath
Goin krazy on this beat, just call this a psychotrack
Six niggas in Krazie 8, call this clique a psychogang
My mind's like milk thats 3 years old. appears good but its gone bad

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