AP. 9 - Let This Song Cry (Jacka Tribute) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: AP. 9
Data wydania: 2015-02-25
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Phantom Beatz

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Tekst piosenki

I realize that they feeling that certain thing that I'm talking about
Let me get more in depth with it cause niggas really come from that shit
So I know all the ins and outs and I don't really talk about it but they don't talk about the life
You actually live the life to know it so once you hit em with that
It ain't nothin you can do with it --
It's more of a gift than anything

[Verse 1]
It's a gift and a curse his life became a legacy
The truth he spit it came from the block
That's where us legends be
We lost The Mac, Johnny Cash and Pretty Black
Staring out the window I'm drinking but no ones like The Jack
We went from selling crack we started off from busting gats
Ghetto niggas shocking the world into the game of rap
You know it's family first
The Jack was dopest on the mic
And death to that nigga that shot him you took my homies life
And I forever cry there's nothing like this pain I feel
People tell me control my anger but I just want to kill
I just want to peel his face off and let him lose
And death will be the only way I'm leaving or it's on that --

Doing 25 cause my nigga was slain
We took a loss can't bring him back but you'll remember his name
I throw my J up in the sky and throw this K up at his face
And we all gone yell The Jacka cause he'll never be replaced

[Hook x2]
That's why I gotta let this song cry
So go on and shed a tear
Everything we do is for The Jacka cause I ain't happy here
I ain't happy here
I ain't happy here
Go and shed a tear Jacka I ain't happy here

[Verse 2]
They say it's death before dishonor
His momma was my momma
His sisters was my sisters
His daughters was my daughters
And his son that boy is his twin
I'm toting twin cals
Everything we do is for the kids
So whos your friends now
Somebody gotta hold it down
Somebody gotta keep the faith
Somebody gotta run these streets
Revenge is when an AK sprays
Fuck what they pay in homage
Fuck it I'm just being honest
Yesterday I bought me a weapon
I bought that dirty llama
See em for this drama and trust me I got a fucking grudge
Jacka was my brother so trust me I'm down to bust a slug
And if I face the judge
I'll just have to plead insane
Look the jury dead in they eyes
And let them see my plain
Doing 25 cause my nigga was slain

[Pre-Hook/Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
See I could never bring him back
But I promised to strictly keep it mobb
Ridin up to 94th and Jack I gotta do my job
I gotta bring the pain
I'm on the spot where Jack was slain
Every little movement I'm reaching I got a perfect game
Somebody gotta explain all these questions I'm holding deep inside
Actions speaking louder than words
There goes that homicide
When I ride I'm going for death until my breathes shot
The biggest loss we took in the bay since we lost The Mac and Pac
Jacka was the dopest alive so we gone keep him active
If you catch me smoking a blunt it's filled with Jacka's ashes
It got me higher than life
I'm down to do my time
He always kept it realer than rap
We living this life of crime

[Pre-Hook/Hook x2]

I know bruh... I know there's such a thing as haters. There's such thing as niggas who really dont really wanna fuck with niggas funny ass niggas and shit. And I've had to deal with them all. But the best time I've ever had and the best experiences that I've ever had with a person is with real motherfuckers that really showed me love and they ain't had to. You know what I mean? Real nigga that really got real money and really did real shit and experiences it and they showed me the love anyways and they ain't really gotta do it. And I realized they doing this shit because nigga this is what you're supposed to do

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