Aquaibra - Elixer [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Aquaibra
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1:Kareem 1200]

Holla if ya hear me
I can't see like Stevie
Bitch I know you see me
Holla if you feel me

Diamonds in the back
No drop top with a gangsta lean
Two dope boys bitch connect the dots
Sweet ice tea, ain't shit to me
Always learned with life ain't shit for free
Probably why they always tryna get to me

Above nobody else
But fuck everybody else
I was made for this purpose, the weather perfect
The season change, I stay the same
People come and go like some rain
Put in me in a category
Never climb the ladder for me
Sad stories seem to bore me
You niggas wanted the fame and the glory
Lords never worry
So why should his people?
Why do people always love you then leave you
Blame it on evil
So with Cathedral
Take the shades that lead you
Ashamed to [?] kept me in detention
Product of a failed system
Systematic I'm elaborate
I see you giving me why
That's why we puff,lie
Life's a bitch
Such a physical aspect
Never know what comes next
Never blocking my progress
A nigga always stressing
Until she start undressing

[Chorus: Kareem 1200]
No I can't, (hey) Lose my faith (hey)
No I Can't, lose my faith
No I can't, lose my faith
I can't see that I'm on my own

[Verse 2: SadalMelik]
No matter what you do keep yo faith my nigga what up?
Lifes a dream (dream) so keep yo eyes closed (closed)
Focused on the truth, But where them lies go?
Closed minded, tend to get your mind blown
So pay attention to the obvious signs don't
Pay the enemy mind
Stamina rising, well energy wise
We can last til the end of this time
Then come back again, back harder than a pack of them lions
I'm packed with the rhymes
The beat flow through
Like wind I can float right to
Any destination
I'm designed to
Be great no matter what y'all do
I'm like you times two
I just keep my cool, never pack that heat
Freestylin with my patna in the back of that seat
Loyalty don't make you liable
Ancient writings on the wall
Signs Translated straight to the Mayans
Accept, but there ain't no denying
Make sure you well protected, 49ers
Got four behind us like the number 5
You got to take a risk, It's no do or die
I seen the whole demise
Before it happened, need a new disguise
And I rise like whats in the sky
And you all are my sons
So who better than to tell the wise
I'm on the clock like Hickory
Making history,miss me, kiss me right on that center cheek
Use Listerine if that thought used imagery
I might intervene if a THOT is on the scene and
There is no looking back
Straight forward I'm touring, never relax
Keep your heart intact, Never attach
Now run and go and tell them that


[Autumn Symone]
You gotta keep the faith right now
You gotta keep the faith right now
You gotta keep the faith right now
You gotta keep the faith right now

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