Arsonal Da Rebel - 0-100 (Cassidy Diss) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Arsonal Da Rebel
Data wydania: 2014-07-05
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse: Arsonal]
Cass… or should I call you Barry, nigga?
Your interviews get dumb and dumber; Lloyd and Harry nigga
Talking all this shit like you really trying to battle, nigga
You'll be face to face with death staring down a barrel, nigga
Barry Adrian Reese
Ar-Ab already said you don't ratchet play in the streets
Philly don't even love you so now you hating on me
You used to run the city and now you aggrivated with me
Let him be Hov, you can be Bleek
You will still see some money though everyday of the week
When the last you heard your record play in the street?
Your career died cause Swizz stop sending you beats
Disrespect my culture, I don't play the shit
If you don't mean it sincerely
Don't fix your mouth to say the shit
I got my own league, that's a paper flich
You give your songs
Just to see them faggot niggas play your shit
Cass, you ain't been hot since Hotel with Kelly
Who's the best in Philly: Dealy, Meek, or Omelly?
But where's Cass? I guess he still in the telly
Rico and Down Down that nigga still on his Nelly
You the only nigga feeling that you spit hard
Every single track with your 2006 bars
You industry niggas is so criss-cross
Hatin' on the battlers and we ain't even dissed ya'll
But you bout to be pissed off
We don't want you back
You cannot crossover; you ain't Chris Paul
Get your stupid ass smoked like a menthol
I'll knock your little ass out for getting involved
Philly nigga trying to get back in the ring, nigga
Got asassinated talking like the king, nigga
Go ask Reed Dollaz just what I mean
Or ask E-Ness if you ain't seen, nigga
Cassidy, why you gotta play with me?
You couldn't hang on a plantation during slavery
You washed up for real, not who you claim to be
You be the murder case but the pistol wasn't aimed at me
Just know I don't play with 'em
Bullets got no name, I got no aim, I let a stray hit him
Already the villian I'm chillin', I let him play victim
If a nigga cross me I creep up and let a K hit 'em
I'm a smooth criminal like Mike Jack
Like a creep go to sleep you take a nice nap
You went to deep I'm like God so how you like that
End up on a pool table naked trying to fight back
That don't mean nothing, your whole team bluffing
It's like I'm blind to the hatred, I don't see nothing
You could lose your life for the price of shaving a clean onion
My niggas'll strike for a price your life, it won't mean nothing
I be on some trying to keep my cool shit
I hate putting my hands on a nigga I was cool with
Tool hit, Ruge spit, every nigga with loose lips
It don't mean nothing if you really scared to do shit
My gun got diarrhea when it come to dumpin'
The metal to his legs, he try running, I'ma Forrest Gump him
Chop the nigga down; I'ma Norris Chuck him
Say fuck Cass in English while I'm drivin' in a foreign somethin'
Designer everything, you know nothing 'bout the shit
1200 for the shoes and can't even pronounce the shit
Do him dirty with the .30 cause I'm 'bout the shit
I do you bitches like Michael, I'm talking bout the Falcons' Vick

(slowed down)

But my shooters got shooters, nigga get it straight
You running mean nothing
Unless you was trying to get in shape
Extendo on the 9, its .30 but I'ma give him eight
Other 22 running back; now that's a Emmet play
Hold on, damn, my money so long
Whip out on your bitch, I tell her naked with no clothes on
Hit the crack table cause I gotta get my roll on
Gucci, Louis, Fendi – so what fabric should I throw on?
Flyest nigga in the streets you know that I been a beast
Right after a molly drink a 5 hour energy
Bet you remember me for another century
A bitch equals a nut but your bitch get it out instantly
I'm gone, my sister swag is outta here
Goon to the max and I don't think I ever had a fear
Mind on Pluto way out of the stratosphere
Bitches burning niggas in Jersey; no Cleveland Cavaliers
Knick nack paddy wack, don't that nigga battle rap?
That's that nigga Arsonal, ain't Jersey his habitat
That nigga be killin' it, his bars be action packed
I'ma get this money riding out till the saddle crack
Cass, watch your mouth before you make a vet
Wanna see blood instead of doing this to chase a check
I do this in my sleep, don't even break a sweat
Feeling like why that car crash didn't break your neck
You be trying to wild Gangnam style trying to chase a check
I really live condom style; Magnum for the safest sex
And when I bust, I don't leave evidence
Cassidy, your name been irrelevant, I'm Arsonal!

Talking that real fu-fu shit you been
On some real bullshit lately Cassidy
Acting like you ain't came from this shit, man
Talking like these battle rappers can't swap with the best
Well, jump your ass in the ring then!
The money there nigga, the names is there nigga
Come on, I triple dog dare you
That's how they used to say it back in the day right
I triple dog dare you nigga (hahahahaha!)
Arsonal, Jersey

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