Back Up page - Test Page [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Back Up page
Data wydania: 2014-03-21
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki


While im sipping on my brew I show my glass and my pinky
Been a badass motherfucker since I was sucking on a binky
Now the cyphers in effect and I keep the facts in context
You try to be complex but you simple minded no contest
You aim to please the masses, while I aim to be established
And you claim to be the baddest but I just dont read it in your rap sheet
Your Highschool diploma versus my GED
But I can still guarantee that your a wacker MC than me
But I ain't even an MC still, shittin on these rap cats
Im 2Pac, you Riff Raff, you don't rap you chit chat
Breaking and entering taking the goods
Thats what I used to do back in my hood
But please do not criticize now I'm more civilized
That should be minimized hope you’re insured
You fucked up, here's the consequence, seems like you lack the common sense
Not only that the confidence but my ambiance is brilliance
Ain't what you do but how its done, I got some words of wisdom son
Houston Texas representing I just fucked your eardrums bitch
Now I got you feeling it, bet i got you finna hit
Yo girl want even suck ya dick
But she come to Bleezie quick, so both of yall can kiss my clit
You little slut ya little trick
I re-define what Hip Hop is with just the flick of my wrists


Rib in every fiber of my fearing to a pulp
I used to rip up any flicker that appeared to be a bulb
He looked and then he frittered his glow glitter peered the gulp
Cuz it’s like looking at kid but hearing an adult
I’ll keep you in contempt, I keep you you’re content
You seek you can’t attempt I teach you, teammate in a tent
What’s tease without a tempt, what’s teeth without a dent
Silly reachin for the key you cannot leave you need consent
I may appear so patient but of course I have my cool limits
I pulled him in, degraded he had no way to seek school and it's
A test so gone outdated, I often wish i could rule a bit
Claims to know my history well I think that’s some Bolshevik
Too way damn full of it, I’m to defy the tenderness
If you choose to deny my light it will be treacherous
Funny how you stutter up when you’re angry I’m so effortless
If you think revenge is a form of kindness then i’m generous
No gender flips


Get ready for war, as combatant military forces
Prepare a Martial Law to turn humans into corpses
Of course if ya snoring then you're willing to be hopeless
Your beady eyes are more obedient when they're not open
Might as well be wearing forceps on your eyelids
Despite ignorance, your hindrance is being mindless
They violating lies? na they violating lives kid
Dont wait until they kill ya fam dilate ya iris
Chemtrails and viruses poisoning environments
Flouride in your water and pollution for yo sinuses
Its useless to deny the shit
Dont be surprised to find some arsenic and cyanide inside ya vitamins
Applying knowledge is the key, but some need a locksmith
They mind is clogged with pop-culture and other nonsense
So progress is complex you want it then, honestly
Dont adopt the doctrines of a blasphemist plutocracy

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