Baghdad - Hell's Inmates [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Baghdad
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Yea, Sunz of Man
Many are called, few are chosen
The rest is hell's inmates
One by one, we gon' take y'all down
We gon' destroy this kingdom
Check it out, check it out
Eh yo

[Hell Razah]
My thoughts is deeper than unity, in all communities
We be the newest drug for thugs that be sheddin their own blood
Judge of your death day, I said the angel of justice was my sensai
Verbal samurai, wicked killas, assault like cocaine from Panama
Interview of black minds and white managers
Movin over United Snakes like Canada
On a map, my raps is liable to collapse, Manhattan
No longer we be attracted to wicked ways and actions
Believe in I, who's wise? Lyrics mesmurize
Hypnotize, the uncivilized from moonrise to sunrise, surprise
Those that survive, alive is the ones I guide
Words are advertised, tranquilized, opponents get victimized
I get energized, prepare, open up your ears
Hear this world premiere, keepin your brains for souveniers
Hangin devils like chandeliers, the black cavalier
With a horse that ran out a fear
Which slavemasters wanna volunteer, in my final frontier?
In these last days, shit switch, Illuminati's plantin microchips
And innocent infants, knowledge for the mind
Is like a clip for the nine, I go BLOOP! *echo*
Now take that with you to hell, you devil
Fuck you, fuck you

[Chorus: Hell Razah]
Down in hell is where they all go, so hold your weight
Before you meet your fate
There's a place for all of us behind the gate
So think twice or be the hell's inmate

Yo, your mind drifts in the midst of the higher winds
The current spins and grins, twists piss off the sins
Your life is just a pebble, you ain't a fuckin rebel
Unless you came face to face with the devil
The forces of e-vil, I'ma lead you down the path of my wrath
But yo I get the bag and laugh
Bring your clip, we goin in the pit
The hellhole's full of darkness, no lightswitch
No remorse with me, unholy force
Thou shall not seek deep fears of the cross
God name in vain, I strained, goddammit
I drifted, and got spaced out with the planets
The elements of rain, snow, hail and earthquake
Shake and explosion, the bones in corrosion
Expoditing sinners, leavin 'em tongueless
Corroted souls of power, lay one in a fungus
A realm of hell, place for incarceration
Where many virgins layin, playin masturbation
As your faces laied focus on the temple
The brain look yammy, but it's been eaten by the fuckin mummy
All the sinners smell the flesh, the aroma of death
And reek the air like the smell of Satan's breath
I'm in a dark hall of secluded wilderness
Hell's inmate, once I pass the gates of hate
Check the ripper, hung your pictures under hidden scriptures
While decapitated souls lay in pits and ditches
I saw the path leadin to the fire
And hell's angel picked me up and flew me over the barbwire
The horrifying and the crusifying
Then the announcers resurrected me back to earth like Lazarus


[7th Ambassador]
Prepare and know the time nor the hour, of the sunshower
Hit you with a fist, the righteous power
Wicked cities will be devoured
And the victory will soon be ours
Even the lionhearted turned to cowards
Beyond the gates of Babylonian towers
I bring forth a state of Pandemonium
Warrin like Ghangis Khan that hits my culture
Industrialize my ideas like the Soviets
Socialize with cold-hearted associates
Things might explode like plutonium
Blow off your nose like Napoleon
Display your leftovers in the Smithsonian
Catch you in a Roman cathedral of men
Who hold the riddles of stolen scrolls in the Vatican
Travel the world and back again
Without the need in your Visas
Go to roam in the Roman tower of Pisa
Lookin at the Mona Lisa, Caesar
Born handsome, risk and then vanish like the phantom
Chant it, my universal anthem
Understand, now you can't win
Within my Sunz of Man-sion
You be lost in the enchantment
Like witness in the city of Atlantis
Meet your doom in a room of the mantis, puffin cannibis
Rap evangelist from New York to Los Angeles
And anywhere is scandalous, I hope you understandin this

[Chorus 2X]

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