BBC Radio - Morgue Freestyle [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: BBC Radio
Album: Fire in the Booth Cypher
Data wydania: 2014-09-13
Producent: Wiley
Tekst: Stormzy, Ghetts, P Money, Deadly, Akala, Mic Righteous, Nolay

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Stormzy]
Let's play cops and robbers
Break it down, full stops and commas
Got a clean heart but the cops stay on us
Random attack, I'm the Boston bomber
What? Snakes and fakes can't con us
Bleed em away so they can't take from us
Dice told me that it's my time
Now I text back like "cool cuz, thanks for that"
So now you wanna clash man and cuss man's mum like "what?"
Clash man and get man spun like "what?"
Lord of the mic, I'm the youngest boss
Go New York with the London bop like
Man can't chat to me though
Man are just cool, look, I'm actually cold
Grime or rap? Look, it has to be both
Gotta flash for my phone then it has to be dough
I don't wanna hear man talk 'bout pain
Don't wanna hear 'bout whips and chains
Told the public about that day
I told man turn up and man never came

[Verse 2: Deadly]
I be like, anyone testing my level, it's a wrap
Spit a bar and take away your momentum
Nuff man are saying that they're heavy when they're crap
Names I don't even have to mention
More time they think they're ready with the twats
Lucky I got given a seven year sentence
Straps? You ain't got any, you're a twat
Stop spitting fiction bars and pay attention
Cause I'mma come through, wham like Hogan
Spin a man quick, no DJ Logan
Strangle a man, batter and fold em
When I send for the slogan
If you didn't know back in the day, now you know them
All of the wicked man bars, I own them
20 over the- yo
I go on sick on a motty
Man are calling me V Rossi
169mph, can't see properly
Cameras don't even clock me
I ain't been riding from day, man don't knock me
Age 17 on a 125 down Hockley
Man are like "this can't be the first time you've ridden"
Sicker than a grandstand junkie
Second gear, 5000 revs
Seen the clutch and then pop it
10 o'clock wheelie, bring the revs up
As the bike comes down, end it with a stoppie
I'll end-o quicker than your Ferrari Enzo
Not even feds can stop me
You send the eleven hundred CCs
I ain't getting caught by the bobbies

[Verse 3: P Money]
Fam, grime is dead? I said "blud, are you mad?"
Shut up, I just came back from Japan
I was headlining, the stage was rammed
You've seen my pictures, the rave was wham
They were going sushi, I was going H•A•M
I said sushi, I was going H•A•M
That's why every time I'm hearing this grime, I'm like
"Are you fucking dumb, fam?"
Don't believe me? Check my Instagram
Now I've got these haters jealous like "damn"
"P Money's gone international, damn"
Did I mention we stopped off in 'Dam?
Who said I ain't big? You got scammed
Come out of here with all that talk, scram
Anybody talking shit, I'll kung fu
Kick like Karate Kid like fam
Man, look what you started!
Charlie, look what you started!
I ain't had a top 10
But the plane I'm sitting on's Chartered
I draw girls easy
I'm an artist
My weights are my business
Like my fucking figures on the market
I don't think about holidays, at the click of a button
I ring my girl and my cousin and say "I'm going, are you coming?"
It's not four in a room, it's four rooms, are you buzzing?
Now they keep hating but they ain't telling me nothing
It's all at once in the game cause they don't press any buttons
I give my cousin a magazine, help me do time
[?] didn't pretend to do something
Cause that's money
Yeah that's money, that's money
You can't tell me shit unless you make more money
I don't care about whips
That don't make you money
You can't tell me shit

[Verse 4: Ghetts]
Tell my man I'm a general, he ain't never second in command
Tell a man, tell another man, tell the next man, tell em wah gwan
I'm going on like I ain't ever read a Psalm
Ready or not, within my palm, setting off alarms, so road that I'm never in my yard
I've got a new team, we're writing on the apart
And setting off hard, never's on my mast, stepping in my path
Telling me to go and give the metal a massage

Make the lead fly, and erase all my enemies
They're tryna write me off, yes don, vest on, you told Ja Rule like get head signed D-D-D-D-DEAD GUY
God forbid you make it to the hospital, cause I'll be the one by your bedside

Them niggas ain't done no drive-by shootings
Watch when they buy my new ting
Nothing but nightlife cruising
If I see you on the sideline snoozing
You'll have your ends in the air like a hi-fi
Looking back in-

This what I should've been doing from earlier
Fuck's sake!

[Verse 5: Akala]
Who the best? Come on, grow up
I'm so sick I don't spit, I throw up
Don't understand where you all when you grow up
Your boy's too wet so he can't blow up
I'm gasolineish, the flow is machineish
Ahead of the whole damn globe like Venus
Notts arenas, I score screamers
30 yards out, they hit goalkeepers
Like sleepers, jeepers creepers
I ain't convinced that you're real like
Feel like a mobile compared to beepers
When you compare me to these little idiots
I'm a genius and I really mean it
We're not the same like breasts and the penis
The rest of your team is stressed as the weakest
Can't hold it down like bullemics
Talk so much shit, you don't even believe it
Stop asking for things before you receive it
What are you doing? You ain't got another life
Proof's in the pudding bruv, come and have a slice
It's food for thought, you can have a bite
But it's still my turn like a double on the dice and
I take time like I stuck up with Julius
Spitting rhymes that'll show up the rumours
So hard- cut the tumours
Chemo flow, they're feeling like [?]
You make claims, just unfounded
Stop telling fibs, you'll get grounded
Nobody cares about who you go around with
The weakest one in the room is the loudest

[Verse 6: Bella Gotti]
I came in this game with an aim, so these guys better pray
When I spray that they ain't the target
They're calling my name but I'm out with these bastards
On their high horse like some of them charted
I don't give a damn about these fellas, I'm marvellous
Everybody know it but instead they harbour it
So I'mma fade niggas like the fucking barber did
Listen, I'm a bastard (banana), fatherless
Tell em abandon ship, cuh they about to skip
Look how the flow just skipped, I'mma just make em sick
They're wishing me dead and shit, all on a jealous tip
Spit for the hell of it cause they irrelevant
Make no money cause they're far from intelligent
I spit [?] then I make it elegant
Small time niggas wanna [?] on the elephants
Wanna catch a body and then look at the evidence

[Verse 7: Mic Righteous]
Since when the fuck did turn up ever sound like tun up?
When we roll up in the club, you smell the gutter
If they don't let us in, that [?] getting stuck up
And if they tell us something, I'll say shut the fuck up
I'm Osama, hello Obama
I'm Bin Laden, yeah, yeah, I'm Bin Laden
Up in London, I've been starting fucking drama
Tell my baby mama's mama I've been laughing
Hahahaha, I'm a bastard
Turn up to your club with fifty white chicks
And they're in pyjamas
Oh, that's so fucking turn up
Looking at us country leave their nose all bruk up
All the way from country, I'm your local fuck up
Never miss, I'm a specialist
You could tell I'm sick, I need sectioning
No broadcast setting could censor this
I'm an AK47 with an extra clip
I'm on that war shit, fuck that, I'm on a warship
With you [?] held at gunpoint
No bullshit, better yet, no horse shit
And my mother should've had an abortion
I'm a force, I'm a forklift
I'm appalling, ahh
I'm a pitbull in a ball pit
Everything goes horribly wrong
On the beat, ain't gotta be on a deep one
Every now and then, I've gotta become a monster, please
So don't bother me son, leave the place
Looking like a horror scene, cuz, you wanna see blood?

[Verse 8: Ghetts]
Badder boy spitting from the east side
Loved in countries you ain't ever heard of
12 years ago, I was in Feltham
Looking at time on the worst watch
Peacocks so close to the window
You don't even look unless the bird watch
Now I'm looking at my classmates
Comparing our grades to when I should be worst off
Some of the best lyricists in the whole country
Had the same English teacher
Mr Henry in my memory
Not everyone can learn a system-beater
You wanna find substance in a bar?
This one's an instant creeper
You won't need convincing when it sinks in
I've got the fans all thinking deeper
Seven years I was in a relationship
Then I met a girl I actually love
I haven't seen my ex girl years
So the other day, she's still angry, you know?
I don't give a fuck who she fucks
She can fuck one of the man dem if she wants
I'd fuck every one of her bredrins
And remind her I'm a don

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