Black COAL - Plateau [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Black COAL
Data wydania: 2014-08-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Nature

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1:

Uh... Look
They want me to drop a bomb, I'm like 'K
See me out with these bad broads, Shit i got game
And i ain't even had to take pads off, yeah I still play
So somewhere in between body bags and playing ball
Im scheming hard to make plays
I got these demons all in my gate, nigga
Fuck em though
Chick with no pass with a nice round ass
Niggas be swearing i got a custom hoe
They once for hire, ?
I'm still trying to get them through customs though
Told my niggas, I'm living to have it all
I don't want to be just comfortable
No 9 to 6, all hits I'm pretty hard to miss
So now I got to hide the risk
Paramedic in the game but it never be the same
The way I'm bout to revive the shit, uh
We've been off doing us, better hop on the bus
But I swear its gonna be hard to fit
I tell you it's a hell of a high when you walk for this ride
On everything's gonna be hard to quit

Chorus x2:

When I reach too close you can barely tip-toe, can't stand on one floor (floor)
Don't see a nigga now, you probably never gonna see him might need a new scope
We been on them shits, been on them trips, been on the go
Back roads that flow, hope the elevator don't get to that plateau, get to that plateau

Verse 2:

Pull the henny black
For all my niggas that be trapping out the mini van
You can take me out the game for a hundred grand
Psych, now you fuck niggas think you really can
You niggas sound really, really, really bland
Been rapping all day and they started paying
I do this shit for fun but i ain't really playing
I live this shit you entertaining
Hundred yard dash that nigga Damond
We hid cause the fans keep complaining
Won't stop time say my wrists is blanging
Don't like our shit that nigga hating
Hoop chin nigga your shit deflating
I'm crack on the track you can ask Reagan
Grandmama cooking, our shits banging
Young boys on the block, shits banging
I'm really, really fly, got top thinking I'm a brand new guy
This is all day like Amercian Pie
Shit ain't easy can't even lie
Prepping for it my whole life, ain't repping ?
Fuck with me your mama cry
Take it back to '99
Wu-Tang nigga, throw rock nigga
It's murder, rough riders
We shot this, we shot this!

Chorus x2

Verse 3:

Flat line every time I rhyme put niggas way down
They a never come back
Boat loads of that pretty white bitch
On the tip of my lips looking up, I spit crack
Niggas ain't to sweet if it ain't a full pea
Guarantee he won't sleep where he at?
301 be the go, 51 be the zone
Even Elleans gotta come strap, new millennium
How they gonna act, I'm ready I'm banging on wax
Tom petty on max
Heart breaker, I've rather have the money on the table
Them niggas gonna call me Caucasian
A nigga speak proper, so what
Post up on wall street, then see who get offers
I want to go to an office, with a view
Fuck the secretary off the second interview
Steady steppin through the mud like I've been sipping off the juice
Getting twisted with the squad
Cause that shit be kinda cool
Better let my lawyer know I'm scheming on the truth
747 to the meeting, its time to move
Flying fire, vacations, bugs in they ear, ?
Too many here make nigga lose patience
Top shelf gear make me look amazing
Woke up in the middle of a dream
Pussy got me stuck, now I'm living with a cane
Tell Andre whats up cause it never was the same
Only dog hoes till we put them in the cage, they bark
Boat gold buy one get one off
Dope ass car, cocaine gone car
Back roads that escape through town
Saw plateau me not can't get down

Chorus x2

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