Black Rob - No Fear [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Black Rob
Album: Game Tested, Streets Approved
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Black Rob]
Everybody talk, nobody gon' do it
Came through, defied the odds, then I grew here
I must have made 10 mill and ran through it
Baby love come and go man, so screw it
It's nothing to it
Watch me as I stick and move on this groove
While I'm duckin' the paparazzi
Only person shot me was Jonathan Manion
Before and after I was fat as Ralph Cramden
Y'all don't like the fam then shout it
Dumb, dumb, dumb, I don't like Black Rob
Let's talk about it
These motherfuckers change like the seasons
The hate that y'all harbor, 9 times outta 10 there's no reason
Committing treason, then they try to run
Forget that they got asthma, stop and they start wheezing
I see him looking for his asthma pump
I'm in that Maybach watching the ? on the plasma slumped
I'm right here daddy, I no fear
Objects in the mirror is closer than they appear
So people be advised, my eyes on the prize
This ain't an exercise or the birth of some tough guys
A lot of y'all don't figure me rich
Won't follow me around, just twitter me, bitch
And I show you how I done it, pulled out and told 'em run it
Plus I'll let you meet the fam uptown in the wild 100s
Fans wanna walk in my shoes, I give 'em a chance
My lifestyle'll make 'em defecate in their pants
Y'all don't believe me, ask the God 'bout me
He'll tell you how I hate to lose and I can't stand defeat
A product of da streets, P-O-D-S
I don't like cheques, fam, C-O-D's best
That's how I do when I do it, I'm not stressed
These chicks see me stuntin' like boy is a hot mess
I must confess, Harlem made me this way
Fuck what the chicks say, Rob don't play
So people throw your hands up and show me where the cash at
Matter fact, put 'em down, I might catch a flashback
Benz hatchback, TVs in it
Haters like "that's my car" till they see me in it
Head reason I go on and all my thoughts' infinite
Furthermore, y'all ain't heard the bars flow in a minute
See Rob can hold his own, ain't nothing timid
He don't sound like y'all, it's all authentic
Gimme the ball on the court, I put all the ?
Just cause I do and-1 moves, its no gimmick nigga
You're spitting limericks, your petty five lines
Wanna see the beast come out, say my name five times

[Sean Price]
Round for round, I'm down, shake the town
Shake you down, wave the pound, lays it down
P! Haha, listen, listen
Yo, the 4-5th is what I use to spark
For entertainment purpose, no amusement park
Listen pa, duke my movement's smart
Chest blow with a left throw nigga
It'll bruise your heart
Listen pa, I am not kiddin', plot thicken
Shots given to niggas who fuckin' wit' Ahk ?
Rap's my profession, the biz is reefer
I smoke more of that shit than Wiz Khalifa
1-2-6 and Madison got body bags
My gun spit shit, leave your ass in a body bag
Brooklyn's Finest, fuck police
Your wife's a cop then fuck police
Listen, nigga my thing gon' pop
Sean Price on the remix
With bank gon' pop, P!

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