BlackiechanTheProdigalSon - Sideways. (featuring Anubis) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: BlackiechanTheProdigalSon
Data wydania: 2014-07-14
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Knxwledge
Tekst: BlackiechanTheProdigalSon, Anubis

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Tekst piosenki

[Refrain 1:]
Ain't nobody askin' you, holmes
You over here gettin' stupid paid;
Working them jobs for Esteban and shit

[Verse 1: Blackiechan:TheProdigalSON]
The only thing that we rehearse is
These hard-knock bars that my boys turn into verses
Credit cards from your wife and your daughter's purses
I'm just not down to buy all of these hearses

With the mouth of a sailor.The worsest of curses
On these niggas in my laboratory working
On my penmanship. Jot their death notes in cursive...
X you out with these keystrokes the word is ya'll know where the bird is

Speaking in parcel tongue with the slang of a serpent
Finisher with a perfect, your training wasn't worth shit
I'm the bomb. Worse than a nigga in a turban
But ya'll niggas is suburban fazed by the slightest of turbulence

So you worship these gods you created. To give yourselves a purpose
I'm like an iceberg, you only see the surface
Atheist, but I faced a decades worth of services
Cause pops was a servicemen

Some people called him bishop
But I think he got distracted by his own affairs
That left his bank account fucked up
Much quicker than a hiccup

The way that he's been acting got me stressed...
My brother got mercy cause' his mind is a mess...
This life has been very tough to digest, but
I'm just gonna ace these tests, and forget about the rest
I'll create my own type of presidential address
I guess. Just as soon as I end this sesh

[Verse 2: Anubis]

You are now listening to the human form of Polaris
Been backstabbed for having too much merit
Careless. But that was then
Picture me today up on a stage, where I obviate the pain

I mean, we live in a world where, girls ain't curved and
Men silence their words. Never decipher, disciple
Turn your brain off, where the lightbulb might just go off yourself
Where's the help? Man, I wish I learned and dealt

Should've stuck it out, not fucked around
Where's the 88' Delorean? My ex told me not to call again
But I wonder the assortment of abortions she's had since
Or does christ's passion not include termination?

Mine does. I ain't surprised you're mind-fucked
Read between my lines, and my stanzas
Looking for answers. What are the chances?
So is everyone on this damn planet

That was just an introduction
All of the sudden rap was captured
Yes, you only live it once, but there are many generations to come
Please listen. This ain't manual labor
But it's blistering

Victory will be mine, gotta train you bitches, Caesar Milan
I'm weak at how strong you think your mental
Rap game integral, you wanna take a shot?
Ha! ...Better use a pistol, just want a glimpse;

Of the light cause my sanity left. Clarity's next
Bleed into my text. Might just save your life one day or the next

Check your mates like chess. The fakes raise flags
The bonafide, like the fiery pariahs got inside of us...
Weed inspired. It's in my genes

I left Wyclef in the lions den
I infected him with typhus and got high...
Hypertension. The blood pressure rise...
Please step aside

Till' the next episode. Watch me and your brain will rock
But since when has pain stopped human beings?
Brain plots, Dunas'
And myself share the same stress

Fuck love, I only get it like Rayman, and cut it off, like Jason

[Refrain 2:]
"Stop playing games here
I got no time for that
Life's got no time for your little boy games
You leave all that nonsense at home when you come here
We're gon' put it on speed today
I ain't stopping to give you any little tips, either
You sink or swim on your own, today
Cause I'm not always gon' be there to hold you hand for you
You ready for the real thing?
You ready to come get it?
You ready to come take it from your old man, you ready to be the king?"

[Verse 3: BlackiechanTheProdigalSON]
Walking through these valleys in the shadows wandering
My body's in one place but my mind constantly pondering;
About my mother and father and how I cannot honor them
Cause' both of their brains are grown out from a different stem

It's a sweet break to me like my brain's full of glycerin
Waiting for freedom and so I'm blazing in the interim
And mama wanna ask me, "son how come you aren't into Him?"
You wouldn't need to ask me that if you were truly listening

I don't like my pops, cause he ain't a cop but he's a pig
Skilling lyrics as I pass the pot I'm reaching for a cig
My patience is running slim it's more thin than a twig
No way to get back out of the mess I got in

I got too much to live for now to kick the bucket
Got peace of mind every time I drop tens for my nugget
I don't kick rocks I rock kicks till they're rugged
I'm a monster and everyone's a muppet. Fuck it

Take a beat and chuck it

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