Blade - Dark and Sinister [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Blade
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Dark you better watch your back call me sinister
Who the hell needs a friend when it's the
End consider me somethin' of a looney
Labels are suckin' on my dick like they knew me
Now doors are breakin' down, put on your glasses
We're kickin' asses, you bastards
Turntables rotate
But it's gettin' late, check the time, you're the bait
I can smell fish all around, things are gettin' fishy
Try and try but you can't diminish me
Or Mell'O', or the rap race
On the whole, you're an asshole in your face
State of mind, what you're wearin' is what you're worshippin'
(You're slippin'), moderfucka you're trippin'
E for ecstasy that's what you're livin' on
I get the job done and then I'm gone

See me givin' a fuck while weak brays be gowchin'
Mell'O' be ragin', mc's be slouchin'
Flow like a fountain, steadily mountin'
Give me the mic, watch words I'm spowtin'
Brockin' up fools, evadin' the rules .......punk
Break sweat like a preacher, fanatical speaker
(Mell'O' go easy), fuck dat, I'm gon reach ah
Mad individual, I'm on a vigil
(Rap's full of bullshit) and nuff bullshit rituals
As I say hay, pussy bray walk away
I bug a break, big a beat, but I don't play
I rok, I rok, with the Blade, daily Mell'O' slays
I know my history, so you cannot shit on me
The music industry is full up with controversy
Nuff man try to stop me, they're goin' on with fuckries
(Mell'O' why you cursin') because I'm fuckin' angry
Shit give me the mic real quick
You prick, you're jockin' so get off of my dick
Now this is strictly for the listener
The groove gets dark as the rhyme gets sinister

Heads are rollin', mcs are fallin'
Simply cause they're nothin' but weak and still buggin'
I'm huggin' the raw shit, memorizin' the raw shit
Bored of that shit, diggedy more shit
Ready for war shit, you need the raw shit
Many stores never get this cause they're shit
Our price is their price, think about it twice
Their price a high price, no chicken and rice
HMV and X, and W
I'm here to trouble you, pop's in love with you
Rock's in love with, indie's in love with you
But rap's got the reasons to hate you
Virgin, I'm slowly emergin', divergin'
Tearin' up your hip hop section like a surgeon
(So Drop another classic), rumour has it
I'm takin' the measures that are drastic
Warrior, dark and sinister, stranglin'
Here's the plastic, punks ain't handlin'
Hippy, hippy, (hooray) time to get the skippy
Here comes the tippy tippy, you're wearin'
Chippie I leave you guessin', now forever stressin'
Your soul compressin', your life I'm messin'
Because I'm mad atcha like a dog-catcher
I catcha and treatcha like maggie thatcher
Bag snatcher, getcha and rip out your head head
Now you can call me the thoroughbred
Mell'O' kickin' facts (it ain't about the cash)
Now here comes the gate crash
Mell'O' kickin' facts (it ain't about the cash)
(Blade on the attack), now here comes the gate crash
Why you fuckin' round with the mind, playin' games
You ain't fuckin' round with my mind, I drop names

Blade, now it’s time to buss a rhyme and get paid
Listen to the lyrics, Mell’O’ made
I gave plenty plenty ruff neck lyrics, ruff rhymes
I thought that ’92 would be my time
But then I signed a record deal with a rich black man
Funky hair do, like a Dan damn
I was figurin’, fingerin’ up the triggerin’
Thinkin’ of a way me and my boys could kick a nigger in
But still the thoughts of darkness must cease
Because I’m on a path that embraces peace
Peace….. can’t you figure, my ambition’s getting’ bigger
As I get older, mcs get bolder
Step back a second, witness and behold the
Facts that I told yah, Mell’O’ is a soldier
That rhymes with rage, burns and smoulders
But still I’m stuck between a snake and a vulture
Now ain’t that a bitch, I pitch
My lyrics like a nuttah, I could never rich and switch
Now this is strictly for the listener
The rhymes get dark while the groove gets sinister

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