BlaQ $now - Lean Wit' It [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: BlaQ $now
Album: Time to Eat
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1-Tactic$]
Lean wit’ it, rock wit’ it, on the mic I’m rockin’ it
On my dick she poppin’ it, clearly she is not timid
Ass, ass, ass, ass, all I get it cash, cash
Put it in a Glad bag, shout to Meek and Maybach
Yeah, you see it’s Tac up in this bitch boy
I’m tryna be a rich boy and ride up in them big toys
Big crowd, loud music, bout’ to make some big noise
Big, I mean bigger than some steroids
Most of y’all, stayin’ high and paranoid
Think I’m only out to get you when I just wanna record
Man you got my vision twisted, you ain’t 20/20
Hands up in my money being cunning ain’t funny
I’m intelligent you negligent you better get
Ya crew up out my way or I’ll send killaz to ya residence
Never claim gangsta, but truly I’m connected
I could dial up someone that you shouldn’t mess with
I’m electric, flow epileptic
Make em’ shake when they see it, cardiac arrest em’
Music I invest in, bitches I neglect them
If you a woman, not a bitch then you ain’t in that section
Step in, and I make a impact
Like a comet I’m on it and hit em wit’ a big blast
Give a lot away but karma says I’ll get back
Riff raff, quit the gossip wit’ ya bitch ass
Most rappers surrender they puttin’ up a white flag
Women show red ones, whisper out redrum
Devious intentions with some devilish looks
My God, these devils in disguise got me shook
Steppin’ on ya toes? No I’m steppin’ on ya foot
All ya profits up ya nose the Underworld has got you hooked
Take a jab and I'm a hit you wit' a hook
Rookie, you only Chapter 1 in my book
Notice, the flow is expensive like roaming
I had ya girl rowing, on top, while she moaning
Speaking and I’m showing that I’m reaping what I’m sewing
While you leeching and you blowing I got a dynasty growing
Code red, no Mountain Dew
And you know a ho tell, no Fountain Blue
Try to ride my success, no bitch do ya own thang
Married to the music, so bitch buy ya own rang
Aware that I’m a keeper, I ain’t tryna keep her
I’m current like a Tweeter, bitch you older than a beeper
I’m cold like a freezer, I’m givin’ y’all chills
You could get it on ya own cuz they ain’t givin’ y’all deals
Real Deal Holyfield, smashin’ competition
Maybe Ali, Maybe Riddick, Maybe Tyson, Maybe Liston?
Get a lot of hate, so it’s obvious they listen
Filled with ambition, while they gossip like some bitches
I’m vicious, and you could bet that
Like a gambler addicted prolly best you step back
Reverse it, forget you even stirred the pot
I make em’ nervous, fans think I deserve a shot
Yeah and every verse clean like a perfect shot
Breathe in, stop bet ya nerves are shot

Yeah man you want the honest truth?
That ain’t even really me tryin’ at all
That’s just me fuckin’ around
So imagine if I go 1-10
That beat ain’t never comin’ back
Tactic$, BlaQ $now, T from the 3
2013 I’m out

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