Bloody Monk Consortium - The Holocaust [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Bloody Monk Consortium
Album: Dim Mak Mixtape
Data wydania: 2012-02-28
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Lex Luger
Tekst: Jak Tripper, Coal Cash, Leeroy Destroy, Labal-S

Tekst piosenki

(A full blown Dim Mak assault effectively decreases the blood flow to the internal organs, leading to dysfunction and then failure.) [Fernando Sarmento in Ancient Discoveries]


Militant, pillage, kill a village of spillers for nothing Jack
Puddles so deep, look like the blood is black
Spectators catch a glimpse, they do the hundred dash
Record time flying, what's the science
Fuck ya math
Damn what yo man spray
I’ll push his face into an industrial fan blade
Use ’em as a human can paint
Holmes make over extreme edition-pan away
No camera recording the damage
Signal jamming play
Dap clap fist bump rap, shake with hand grenades
Browse style, mushroom cloud foul, ample shade
Trample over half ya age bracket
Stand away
Constructacon' transform, devastator hammer rage
I'm driving super nova nails in ya frail gamma ray
I'll run you fuckers in the ground like you was Fannie Mae
Kidnap ya family, tape around yo granny face
Dispatch ya clan and get found off the planet – Space
Grace , say it prior
Eating thru ya flesh straight thru ya usual attire
Introduce you to a dire circumstance
Certain chants
Echo in the halls where the serpents dance
Behind the curtains glance
Murder hands
Now fuck a ruger, wreck you, school you like student Drexel
Twist they mufuckin brain like super pretzel
Lex Luger bless you
Hide the Dr., do the Jekyl
Duel wrestle
MMA inside the booth-special
Mixed mental arts
I know you conscious, but the rhymes is what you never thought, cause God set the bar

We will kill any rapper getting in the pathway
We too ill, lyrics so sick that they gon' pass away
We will kill anybody trying to stop the vitals
We too real, say your prayers, recite your Bibles

[Leeroy Destroy]

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name
Spinal tap your hollow brain, regurgitate to swallow pain
Virgin Mary full of grace, come and place the package
Acid rain fills the place in avalanche of ashes
Taste a few, bury you alive finalize your tomb
Lab flies die ?? live it be alive you dude
Pterodactyl slap your jaw, St. Pierre
Grab your Adam's apple, snap you to a skin confetti sample
Grind you with an edge and heavy blacker than the cemetery
Zombies walk, Serengetis welcomed you to Hell already
Masochist activist stabbing this ravenous stampede
Drive 500 bodies Indianapolis Grand Prix
The stories are real, what the fuck you telling 'em
Monster in the woods like I'm Harry and the Hendersons
Life is what our lesson is, motherfuck the regimen
Trap 'em in the cabin, grab and clap and straight molesting 'em
I let them know that nobody cares, hope is in despair
And that Smokey The Bear burns your kids and use them as flares
Glare at your reflection through my eye as you die
As I fry your intestines in a pile with no reasons why
Culinary bypass, blood inside my wine glass
Drinking til the time pass, drunk until my mind crash


[Jak Tripper]

An atomic reversal, human form under black light
Lumen and purple, my insides is a rotted out canoe turned to shit, spit and curdle
Well I'm a cult like LaVey giving dap to Bush in a witching circle
Noggin bash preposterous, Heaven's opposite
I grab mics like oxen kick
Dead horses back from unconsciousness
Revolt the populace while I pass out cyanide at evangilism conferences
In my living room I draw blood in the zodiac pools on acid like Langley operatives
Crash site occupant, asthmatic for the oxygen
Powders, uppers, downers, over the counter
A cutter, downer and wrist cut in the shower
I'm a sex symbol and wealthy
And me off the antidepressants isn't healthy
Somebody help me
Jak, you melt me
Sit there dope sick loopy after she copt my LP
Ted Bundy's back
The last one ran so fast she lost the jelly
I see children like Isaac behind corn in rows
Drop acid the doors are closed
I was born to flow
I drag my feet like zombies half rigamortis, stiff body morbid flow
Gloomy and tortoise slow
My tribe eats each other and makes balls out of human skulls but collapsed orbitals
I hear colors
Psychotropic stimulate optical logic making used hues become orchestral
Nothing like the sound of sawing bones


[Coal Cash]

To rival is suicidal better turn my title to death wish
Relentless for my survival, False Idols become my breakfast
Reflect this in the spiral its the viral double helix
I'm trouble there's no rebuttal, so guzzle until you feel it
I deal with stupid people born equal I must be Martian
The arson of hot gates, it's not safe I pace with Spartans
Sparking a molotov off a dollar rip my collar off
Torch the Kabbalah scorching scholars in the holocaust
Forcing my knowledge, too solid to be confused
Make the roof rafters snap as I adapt to the noose
Went from scrapping with dukes to packing nukes in a briefcase
Now beefcakes on juice puke perfuse on how they teeth taste
We hate the fake love to break 'em like a glass bowl
We make the Earth quake, raping mother nature's asshole
I smash souls, flow to spit the cancer black
Coal is a magnum in Latin they call me anthrax
Don't answer back, on the track smack you with cinder-blocks
Or blizzards of cinder, I could make the fucking winter hot
I win a lot try to face me you're unworthy
I'll nullify your block like an AC-130
Get done dirty like these goods where coming from Jersey
A good oldie leave your hood Wholly like slum clergy
I'm dumb wordy, you heard me so who can prove us wrong
A bloody monk crushing chumps with the Buddhist palm


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